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In the old ferengi gold lockboxes, you could get consumable combat pets.
Hortas/Mugatos and Toduj/Peregrine fighter squadrons were also available though their wiki pages are empty.

I know they aren't going to turn the tide of any major battles or anything, but they're fun to have for patrols and playing around with fleetmates, and the dwindling number of remaining requisitions are going for about ~1000000 EC on the exchange.

I don't need them revamped or given a UI or anything, I just figure since the assets have already been allocated to producing them, why not stick them back in the lobi store and get as much as you can out of that?

I know I always end up with some leftover lobi, and if I could, I definitely would use more of it to buy nifty little fighter squadrons than I would to buy anti-tholian nano-energy cells.

If anybody who has the power and the perogative to add these back to the game reads this and does so, I'd be appreciative. Thanks for hearing me out.
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07-29-2014, 11:29 AM
I'd be for this. We can already get the free scorpions in game, I doubt it would be game-breaking to have consumable Peregrines easily available.

Probably wouldn't "cost" much dev time, so why not?

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