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Originally Posted by corgatag View Post
As recommended earlier, I'd use beams at low levels. Cannons are only good when your turn rate is decent, so I wouldn't bother until you have Mk XI engines in a Tier 4 escort.
Beams are probably the better choice at Lt and LtC because of bridge officer restrictions. At Cmdr I would rate both options as roughly equal. And starting with Cpt the cannon builds are superior.

The choice of engines is fairly irrelevant, the more important thing is the ability to spec into "Impulse Thrusters" at Cmdr levels which provides a significant boost to turnrate.
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10-01-2012, 05:48 PM
Here's some game play tips that made my life easier long ago.

For PVE weapon power should be set to 100+, 90% of the time.
Change your throttle control to the scroll wheel on your mouse (if you have one).
Place zoom as "control + scroll wheel" so that you can still do it if required.
Get rid of the "r" key's default function of "full throttle/full stop" and replace it with the "balance shield" key.

Those things will help game play a lot till you master key binds and more advanced combat strategies.

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