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Quick question... if I buy the Regent and then say the Armitage and/or Odyssey, can I then mount wide-angle Quantum Torpedo launchers on the Armitage and Odyssey? And if so, would I claim the Regent off the store, move the launcher, and then delete the Regent and claim it off the store again so I still have a Regent with the launcher too? Is there an easier way to manage that?

And I assume I wouldn't have to re-buy the Regent every time I remove the launcher and delete it...

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10-02-2012, 03:56 PM
C-Store ships are account wide unlocks. That means you can claim and discharge C-Store Ships as many times as desired. The equipment that you strip from the C-Store ship can be used on other ships. The limitations, if any, are on the gear/weapons themselves. For example, you can have as many 180 degree Quantum Torpedo Launchers as you want. But you can only slot one any individual ship.

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You can also do that with the Sao Paulo's quad cannons and the TOS connie's blue phasers, although the Quads only work on certain escorts and the Connie phasers are restricted to fore or aft depending on which one you use.

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