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Originally Posted by shredder75 View Post
Just so you're aware, the projectile is a tri-cobalt device. It gets no benefit from the set bonus, or chonoton consoles. TCD consoles boost it's damage normally.

I played around with it a few weeks ago and I'm still kind of pondering how to best use it, and which ship I want to put it on.

Similarly with Chronotons. With spread, they make for a nice ghetto grav well on demand, but their damage is cut in half. With yield, they do considerably more damage, and with an added console (on a fleet defiant or mvae), they can do a considerable amount of damage just with autofire. The set bonus alone puts a Mk12 Chonoton almost on part with a Mk12 Quantum in terms of damage, and they have the same 8 second cooldown.

As for the TCD, it's 20 seconds on autofire only. 60 with any torpedo ability. This is partly why I'm still pondering how to get it to work. A lot of times I would go to use it, I'd activate a torpedo ability and suddenly it'd trigger a 60 second cooldown on the TCD and wouldn't fire, wasting my torpedo ability until the cooldown was done.

I'm wondering if it's a bug and the dual cooldown is causing that, or if it's intended. If it's not a bug, it's by far the highest dps TCD out there for autofire.

Picked up the Chonoton beam the other day but haven't used it yet.
This bug is annoying as ****. That said, sometimes it only looks like it's in cooldown - if you manually click on it, it will fire the torp with the coinciding buff.

I notice that it is less likely to mis-fire (a bug all the way from Season 1, mind you) if you keep it off of Auto-fire and manually manage it. A pain, yes.

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