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Semper Fi is recruiting.

We're a small fleet with a knowledgeable and tight knit group of active core players who want to share our experience with you.

There are no requirements to join. Our gaming schedule is casual, although there are several of us who are constantly active. We'll run fleet actions or episodes with you and generally help you whenever you need it, but we don't require any such commitment out of you.

As we expand, those who have been with us the longest will gain rank and the authority to help mold the direction of our fleet. There are several officer positions available if you would like to add some responsibility to your game-play experience.

We understand the end-game. If you are new to STO you may be wondering what to do once you have hit lvl 50. We'll show you how to improve your character. We'll teach you the different starship builds, show you what equipment and training to acquire, and help you acquire it.

If you're looking for a fun experience with great people then Semper Fi is the Fleet to join. If you're tired of being in a giant fleet and feeling like a cog in a machine then don't waste another moment. Contact "Cooper@Mazleck" to join Semper Fi today.

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