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# 1 give us pet-emotes.. :)
10-05-2012, 07:09 AM

first of all: Me, myself, I and also a lot of fleetmates realy love the new fireplace. Was big fun in teamspeak after finished the projekt yesterday. Really great work, same like our sweet litle targs

But here we see, we need pet-emotes.

I sit near the fire, my jackal mastiff by my side.. but.. he jumps around, bark to my nighbors. I would like to see him lay down in front of my feet (i hope he love me like i love him.. )

In the last lockboxes (or lobi) were pets, i think there will be some in future too. So maybe for future updates: let us give our pets commands.

some easy exampels:
- attack ->"dog"-like pets bark to someone
- sit -> sit down next to player
- lay -> lay down..
- play -> jumping and running happy around, maybe a toy?
- explore -> walks around 10(?)m and sniff to players, items ect
- feed -> myamyy


i know its not easy, important or usefull and cant be out in the next 2 weeks, but i think it would be great for the "social" part of the game.

i hope i will find some signatures here and on season 15 we make a "cutest-pet-battle"

cya in cold space

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