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So, I've been playing a drain-build with my Science captain. I exclusively play group PVE (Fleet stuff, and STFs), and I've been loving it.

I recently opened some Temporal Lockboxes and got a Wells Temporal Science Vessel, and I figured I'd try to really optimize a drain-build for it.

My current build, based on what I had on hand or could readily purchase is:

EDIT: Added a link to my build

Fore Weapons:
2x [Dual Polarized Disruptor Beam Bank XI][Acc][Dam]
[Rapid Fire Missile Launcher]

Aft Weapons:
3x [Polarized Disruptor Turret XI][Acc][Dam]

[Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines]
[Assimilated Deflector Array]
[Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array]

Engineering Consoles:
[Console - Universal - Assimilated Module]
[Console - Universal - Tipler Cylinder]
[Console - Universal - Subspace Jumper]

Science Consoles:
3x [Console - Science - Flow Capacitor]
[Console - Universal - Isometric Charge]

Tactical Consoles:
3x [Console - Tactical - Disruptor Induction Coil]

[Red Matter Capacitor]

LtCmdr Univ: (Tac) TTeam I, T.Spread I, T.Spread II
Lt Univ: (Eng) EPtS I, EPtS II
Ens Eng: ETeam I
Lt Sci: STeam I, HazE II
Cmdr Sci: TB I, TB II, ES II, ES III

Projectile Weapons Officer
Warp Core Engineer
Tractor Beam Officer
Sensors Officer
Developmental Lab Scientist

I keep EPtS on constant cooldown throughout fights, and the DOff proc hits pretty often for a nice power boost.

I typically also keep TB and ES on constant cooldown which is pretty devastating against single targets. Single targets like Donatra and Tac Cube shields fall within seconds, and they stop dealing damage shortly after.

I don't deal much damage, I had been running just Polaron Mk XII Borg weapons, but (very) recently decided to hit the exchange and swap out to Polarized Disruptors hoping to deal a bit more (particularly in fleet stuff).

I use the [Rapid Fire Missile Launcher] with T.Spread to deal with fighters, torps, and probes.

Any suggestions?

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Drain builds are stupidly easy KDF side, and really difficult to get a shutdown Fed side. Siphon Drones and Plasmonic Leach are KDF only.

You've got a drain ability (ES or Tykens), Polaron procs, and Target Subs. That's pretty much what you can stack Fed side. If you have a group you play with regularly then have somebody else bring a Tykens. Or if you went so far as to get a Tholian ship on the same toon you have Thermionic Torpedoes.

Here's a great sci build thread if you're looking for inspiration:
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10-05-2012, 10:24 AM
Originally Posted by redricky View Post
Here's a great sci build thread if you're looking for inspiration:
Awesome link, so much information I wish I'd known months ago about how to approach a Science vessel.

After reading through it I get the feeling that focusing on drain isn't really viable, or at least not remotely optimal, use of a Science ship.
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10-05-2012, 11:44 AM
The only issue I see with your build is your lack of survivability. Everything else looks pretty good. But god help you if some breen gets a lucky crit with a transphasic (shields up), or in the event your shields go down, you're pretty much screwed by ANY torpedo type, esp a hy/spread quantum salvo. And believe me, under focused fire, your shield WILL go down, since borg shields are not known for cap, and even with their amazing regen and tt1, you still won't be able to keep up with some of the burst I have come from PvE enemies, esp donatra and her 3 shot heavy disruptors followed by plasma torp spread, and the death pea from the gateways.

But you are partially right and partially wrong. Drain builds are viable, indeed, but FAR from optimal. Btw, you're boned if you try this in PvP lol...
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