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# 1 Armitage carrier help
11-05-2012, 11:33 AM
I need some advice on what things are the best for my carrier. From weapons and equipment to sets and other stuff. Im still learning the lingo, so please type out stuff so i can understand it. I currently use the omega elite MK XII set, Dual heavy anti-pro's fore 2 of them, 1 dual beam bank, and 1 quant fore and 3 anti pro's aft. I also have 3 anti proton mags. Also i use the interceptor ships. Do I need the runabouts? Any help will be appreciated...
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# 2
11-05-2012, 04:53 PM
There are many weapon builds that are viable and you may get several different opinions but as far as carrier pets go, Advanced Danube Runabouts are the way togo. The Armitage is an Escort so 'you' will be handling the DPS end. Being able to lock down your opponents with the Danube tractor beams allows you to concentrate your fire and cut them a new 'one'.

Anti-Protons are good, especially if you're specc'd into Energy Weapons Specialization for the increased crit chance/severity.

I would go all AP Mags in your Tac Slots. I'm assuming your Aft weapons are Turrets.

The Armitage has lower turnrate than most of the other Fedscort options, so you may want to consider an RCS console. 2 purple mk XI or XII Neutronium Alloy consoles for resists would be ideal but they aren't cheap. 2 Field Generators or Shield Emitters for your Science console slots.

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11-05-2012, 07:37 PM
As the above poster said, the HEC is an escort first and carrier distant second. More specifically, it's a Patrol/Blockade Escort first, which means it's tankier than the likes of a Defiant or Prometheus.

Thusly, the typical cannon-heavy Escort setups work best, with dual heavy cannons and a torp launcher or dual beam bank up front and turrets in the back, damage-boosting consoles in the tactical slots, field generators in the science slots, and Neutronium alloy in the engineering slots.

The usual set shields/deflectors/engines should be most effective as well, with mixed Omega/Borg or MACO/Borg pieces, depending on your preferred flavor of survivability or damage. With Season 7's revamp of the Borg set (Assimilated console will be removed from the set and placed in a new set) that setup won't be possible, so the math will probably skew towards mixing in the Aegis or Reman bits depending on your damage type.

BOff abilities should concentrate on buffing the cannons and survivability. Rapid Fire, Scatter Volley, 2x Tactical Team, Attack Pattern Beta or Omega, and maybe a torpedo/beam ability for tactical, and 2x emergency power to shields and maybe Reverse Shield Polarity/Directed Energy Modulation for engineering. You can boost your healing and team support abilities with science skills like Transfer Shield Strength and Hazard Emitters, or go for even more buffing with Polarize Hull or something else.

Note, this is definitely not the end-all-be-all setup, and I don't play PVP. In fact it's mostly similar to a one-size-fits-all build for any VA-tier escort. There are exotic builds and torpedo-heavy builds I've seen performing quite well, especially once you factor in Duty Officer procs and other such things.
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# 4
11-05-2012, 08:45 PM
I use the runabouts because they have tractor beams and are decently armed. They can hold stuff down while I blast it, and it's very helpful. Sometimes I switch them out for peregrines. I wouldn't advise using delta flyers though. They're less durable than runabouts and don't have tractor beams or do the DPS of the fighters. If carrier had two hangars then they might work well in tandem with something, but on their own I've found them to be kinda underwhelming.

I use 3 AP DHC's in the front and one DBB, all MKXII borg. For PVP you'd probably want to use something other than borg weapons though, since the [borg] modifier is kinda useless there. I have 3 AP turrets in the back, and use 4 AP mags. I've sacrificed a science console slot for the torp console, so it's not quite as tanky as it could be since I'm only using one Shield Emitter console, but it still holds up quite well with the right abilities (Tac team I and II, HE, EMP I and II, RPS, and TSS). I also use BFAW and SV for tac abilities so that I can hit crowds better--the runabouts hold them down, and I blast them all at once. Kills borg BoPs in seconds in STFs this way. I also use attack pattern omega to release from those pesky tractor beams.

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11-06-2012, 06:30 PM
I use the type 9 shuttles.
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11-06-2012, 10:35 PM
Been ripping people up with this build:

Phaser Dual Beam Bank
2 X Phaser Dual Cannons
Hargh'Peng Torpedo

Three Phaser Turrets

Eng: Two Neutronium and Torpedo Point Defense
Sci: Two Shield Emitter Arrays
Tac Four Phaser Relays

Cmnd Tac: FAW1, APD1, TT3, APO3
Lt Tac: BO1, CRF1
Ens Tac: TT1
Lt. Cmdr Eng: EPTS1, ET2, DEM
Lt Sci: TSS1, ST2

Full M.A.C.O. Space Set

Perigrine Fighters (may try Danubes)

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