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# 1 Series Bundles
10-05-2012, 02:36 PM
Ok, so bored and in my own little world I was looking at the series bundles and thought, where are the rest? Get a cup of raktajino because here begins a wall of text of what we should see to fill in the remaining gaps for series bundles.

Oh and sorry to you cuddly klingons but there hasn't been a Klingon (TV) series yet, I will send you some starbase tribbles as recompense.

N.B Any interiors and bridges would need to be proper full quality and scaled like the TOS one (The belfast wasn't done well enough).

The Next Generation Bundle - Seasons One to Two:

Season One: Counselor Troi Uniform (Currently available)
Season One: Admiral Uniform (Currently Available)
Season One: Uniform (Currently Available)
Season One: Klingon Baldric (Currently Available)
Season One: Male Skant Uniform
Season One: Medical Jacket
Season One: Weapons - Types 1&2
Season One: Tricorder Skins - Standard & Medical
Season One: Galaxy Class Bridge including conference room & Ready Room
Season One: Galaxy Class Battle Bridge including mini ready room
Galaxy Class Interior: Including shuttlebays/Transporter Room/Astrometics/Science Labs/Datas Lab/Deflector Control/Torpedo Room/Sickbay/ engineering/corridors ect ect
Type 7 Shuttlecraft & interior and variant skins for current Type 8 Shuttle

The Next Generation Bundle - Seasons Three to Seven
Season Three: Uniform (Currently Available)
Season Three: Counselor Troi (the turquoise one)
Season Six: Admirals Uniform
Season Four: Dress Uniform
Season Three: Klingon Baldric
Season Three: Galaxy Class Bridge including conference room and ready room
Season Four: Galaxy Class Battle Bridge
Season Three: Weapons Type 2 & 3
Season Three: Tricorder Skins - Standard & Medical
Type 6 Shuttlecraft skin & interior for current Type 8 Shuttle

Deep Space Nine (Additional Items)
Runabout without torpedo bar skin
Runabout with deflector bar skin
Runabout interior seasons one and five including aft section
Correct Belfast interior and bridge mistakes

Voyager Bundle
Season One: The Nelix Suit
Season Four: Excursion Uniform
Season Four: Seven Uniform (Currently Available)
Season Seven: Delta Flyer shuttle interior including rear section
Intrepid Class Bridge including ready room and conference room
Intrepid Class Interior including shuttlebay/transporter room/astrometrics/science lab/sickbay/engineering/corridors ect ect
Compression Phaser Riffle
Type 9 Shuttlecraft Skin & interior for current Type 8 Shuttle
Type 8 Shuttlecraft interior
Delta Quadrant Duty Officer Pack

Enterprise Bundle (Additional Items)
NX-Class Bridge including ready room
NX-Class Interior including engine room/sickbay/armory/transporter ect ect
Shuttlepod Skin & interior for current Type 8 Shuttle
Phaser/Phaser Rifle/Pulse Rifle/MACO Rifle/MACO Sniper Rifle
"The Expanse" Duty Officer Pack

The Motion Picture Era Bundle Wait that's not a series
TMP Uniform (Currently Available)
TWOK Uniform (Currently Available)
TWOK Excursion Jacket
TUC Constitution class Bridge
TUC Constitution class interior including Galley/Shuttlebay/Engine Room/Officers Mess/Rec Room/Sickbay/Transpoter ect ect
TUC Type 2 Phaser
TWOK Tricorder Skin
Galileo 5 Type shuttle skin and interior for current type 8 shuttle

The Next Generation Movie Era Bundle
NEM Sovereign Class Bridge including ready room and conference room
NEM Sovereign Class interior including captains yacht launch/datas lab/shuttlebay/insurection mess hall/engine room/armory ect ect
NEM Argo Shuttle and interior (Argo vehicle would be pretty sweet too)
INS Type 11 Shuttle skin and interior for current type 8 shuttle
NEM Tricorder Skin
FC Environmental Suit (Currently available)
FC Phaser Rifles (All Three)
FC Type 2 Phaser
NEM Phaser Rifle
FC Norway and Steamrunner skins

Other Bundles....

The Lost Era Ship Bundle
Excelsior Class and bridge
Excelsior Class Refit and bridge
Ambassador Class and bridge
USS Raging Queen and USS Curry carriers

Nebula Class Bundle
USS Phoenix Skin
Nebula Class Bridge - Sutherland/Prometheus
Nebula Class Prototypes (All Three)

Nova Class
Olympic Class
Miranda Class - Saratoga/Reliant

annnnndddd... done
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# 2
10-05-2012, 10:19 PM
Good ideas. Signed.
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# 3
10-06-2012, 12:06 AM
A group of VERY well put together bundles. Got my vote!

Discounts if you already have some of the items would be awesome. The only reason I won't buy the current Star Trek:Enterprise bundle is because I bought the NX class when I was new to the game and can't justify the cost of the bundle for the rest of the items.
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# 4 Good Job
10-06-2012, 12:29 AM
That is a very good post you have come up with.
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# 5
10-06-2012, 11:00 AM
very detailed post! good job!
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# 6
10-06-2012, 11:50 AM
Great thread, it would be nice to add more bundles to the store

Thinking of other bundles to do in relation to the shows - since they were a huge part of DS9

DS9 - Cardassian Union Pack - Most if not all items are allready ingame

Military Uniform

Civilian Outfit

Rifle / Pistol

Hideki Class Shuttle with Shuttle Spiral Wave Disruptor - plus either a 2nd Spiral or Torp launcher

Non-Combat Hideki pet

New Tricorder skin

I know i would buy a Cardassian pack in a heartbeat - unlikely it would ever happen though /cry
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# 7
10-08-2012, 09:06 PM
I think your packs are missing DOFFs.. I think the DS9 one is the best bundle, because of the DOFFs...
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# 8
10-08-2012, 10:28 PM
Signed + 3 mods
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# 9
10-09-2012, 06:28 AM
signed....PWE, when we ask you to take our money....listen to us, we are happy to pay lots of money for quality stuff that we actually want!!!!

Most of us would have preferred to pay 3000 zen for the TNG Movie pack than for the Regent
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# 10
10-09-2012, 10:23 AM
- Signed

For The Next Generation Bundle - Seasons Three to Seven i would love to see a Galaxy Class ship like the enterprise -D in Yesterdays Enterprise.
Hull, BOFF and Console layout of the Regent Class and availlable Ship models and turnrate of the Galaxy -R.
(for everyone who is dissatisfied how poorly the devs have implemented the Galaxy Class in STO.)

Thank you for reading or ignoring, depending on who you are.

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