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its been a while since I made the series and had lots of questions and thoughts on the series and feel that it would be good to answer them

Few people asked why is it the Imperial and not the Republic Romulans that are one of the main focuses, well for one the series is set when the republic is in its infancy and also, plusthe whiole idea of befriending the enemy wouldn't have worked as well if teroth was a republic officer.. and lets be honest the republic wouldn't want a maniac like Vollana killing anything that moved and giving them bad name and I know teroth facing court martial and getting exilled may seem to some odd ut this is an empire rebuilding, they want buisness to seem normal, hence how they conducted things as they did and letting them go...vollana didn't giove them a choice, besides I'm sure they woulda had spys watching where they could

Some felt Teroth was a lil too mushy romanticly, weak for a romulan and emotional in general, very un-romulan. I wanted to make her very non stereotypical and non cookie cutter, infat i think its stated a few times that other romulans considered her odd and suprised she did as well in the military, Vollana was..actualy the other extreme and written as an answer to someone saying the romulans in the first mission were too soft

The Sela clone I admit was underused but, ok confession time.. when I was youngr I had a crush in Sela (but not tasha oiddly enough ) and couldn't bring myself to get rid of her but was wary of using her incase I overused her (which I knew I would do ), Teroths half Klingon sister, well I remember Worfs reaction to a half Romulan Klingon.. I wanted to delve further into that and I already established Teroths dad was Tal Shiar..so having him have an affair with a klingon from a House of Duras ally was plausable

as for the Villians

Miller was.. I admit he became more and more unhinged but this was a guy who from joining starfleet..and seen the federation make peace and help nearly every power they were at war with and helping the romulans..straw that broke the camels back, hes a cross between the sherriff from "Robin of Sherwood" (portrayed by Nickalus Grace) and Wayne Pygrams scorpious from "Farscape"

Kuryakin is more like...its more personal for him and I wanted him to be the firey rage to Millers ice cold ruthlessness

Tarok was essentually , how best to put this like a russian officer who loved the soviet glory days and hates the direction his government is going and decide to do something about it

I didn't use the borg (well..not in the traditional sense ) simply because..I personally found them boring to write, and the Klingons.. they been done to death on TV

I will answer any other questions but i hope i have answered enough for now
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I've sent a friend request as I'd like to discuss a few things about the starfleet odyssey series if you don't mind. Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed it so far for the most part and my partner has dyslexia too so I have no issues with that (unless that is, that you'd like me to proof read future missions for you, in which case I'd be happy to help).

I wanted to speak privately first however rather than on the forum, so as I said, I sent a friend request since I couldn't see another way to do so.

Thanks for the missions so far...


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imho i liked the story [i still play it 5+ times lol] i feel it's a shame that they foundry is limited to i think 40 stories as i would have liked to see more

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