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10-06-2012, 12:57 AM
what is considered a good min DPS value with a configuration of seven disruptor beams. or what I should say is what does the dps need to be at to do the most damage when it comes to beams
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10-06-2012, 01:37 AM
First off, sounds like you're a cruiser or dreadnaught run by a sci toon. If I am wrong - consider the sample builds available on Starfleet Academy (google it).

Secondly I am not providing advice for PvP.


Yeesh. OK, I will try to explain.

'DPS' is a generic way of defining value for your character or 'toon'. If you are a TACTICAL toon - Fed or Klingon, this is the only value you will need to know. DPS is everything for TAC.

If you are anything else, the value is a bit of a misnomer.

In terms of destructive power a tac toon that can easily reach 3500-5000 you are average. 7000-10,000 you are good. 10,000 + your are better than average. I have personally seen players in excess of 26,000 of SUSTAINED DPS usually using a tricked out Jem Hadar ship. Another reason why Jem Bugs are among the most valued ships in the game.

The big difference is sustained vs high values for a single battle.

In truth these numbers are a joke. Using ACT, you will see some player spike as high as 85,000 using a variety of techniques. Including idiots using multiple tricobalt whatevers. Anyone can use dynamite to go fishing.... skilled anglers don't need bait

[For the fans of tricobalt - please comment elsewhere. Skilled users can max damage, new users cannot]

For most 2500-5000 is a reasonable amount to run ANY STF with a high level of success.

For SCI players these numbers are not impossible, just HIGHLY unrealistic. Your characters skills have much more value in taking down shields, or 'stunning' an opposing unit using special abilities. I have much more fun with my Wells Timeship, doing an average of 2400 dps, while slowing my opponent using a variety of abilities. In ELITE STF's I can assure you 1 good SCI ship, can speed up the result by 20% over a generic tac ship.

(Note: I am using XI Very Rare consoles which are reasonably priced).

For ENG players these number are attainable for tanking. Again the ENG player brings a different set of skills to the game.

At the end of the day DPS is the value you might judge yourself, but is in NO WAY a measure of your value in-game. I have seen great ships used by mediocre players to miserable effect.

Design your ship to your personal style. Have fun, and don't get worried about DPS unless running Elite STF's is all your planning to do.

Admiral Thrax

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10-06-2012, 08:59 AM
While I agree with most of what ddesjardins has said, I would like to comment on a couple of things he stated.

I find the 26,000 sustained DPS questionable. If it was for the entire encounter, I would disagree that it is possible. If it was for a portion of the encounter, then I can see it being likely. Using ACT, the highest DPS for the entire encounter was in the low 7000s; and that is for Tacs in an Escort.

With my Engineer in a Cruiser, I have tried different builds to make myself viable in Elite STFs without getting into an Escort. The following are DPS results I received using various Cruisers in Infected Space Elite using 7 Beams and 1 Quantum Torperdo Launcher. In the Sovereign or Fleet Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, I was in the neighborhood of 4500-5000. In a Regent or Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit, I can attain a DPS range of 5000-5500. Using the same setup from the Regent in the D'Kora (which I was lucky to get a couple of weeks ago), I get 5600-6100 DPS.

These numbers are from ACT and I used them to measure of effectiveness an alteration to my boff abilities were, in regards to damage dealing. The boff setup I use may not work for others, they are tailored for my playstyle in a cruiser.

For example, my main is a Tac and he flies an escort equipped with DHCs and Turrets. I tried using DHCs and turrets on the D'Kora, but only acheived a DPS range of 4500 to 5000. In my mind the D'Kora is a cruiser, and I fly it as such. Others are able to use it as a cruiser/escort hybrid, because of their playstyle.

Once you realize what your playstyle is, you can then come up with an effective build for it.

I wish you luck.

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10-06-2012, 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by sohtoh View Post

Once you realize what your playstyle is, you can then come up with an effective build for it.

I wish you luck.
This is 100% true.

First you need to figure out how you like to play. Then pick a ship, weapons, etc. If you push yourself to play a type of ship that doesn't lend itself to the way YOU like to play you will never be happy.

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