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# 1 What counters what?
10-07-2012, 07:33 PM
A lot of info seems to be lacking as far as in-game descriptions of abilities is concerned. I'm guessing there's not a list of counters somewhere, and if there is, could you please link it? I've only really flown a Tac. Captain so my knowledge of science and engineering abilities is very limited, and even as a Tac. I don't know the counters that I need to know. So if y'all could list abilities and their counters I'd greatly appreciate it. I know there's a lot of abilities out there so don't feel like you have to list them all in one post or something. Here's what I know so far...

Ability and/or Status ---> Counter

Eject Warp Plasma/Vent Theta ---> Hazard Emitters once you're clear of the main bulk of the plasma
Plasma Hull Fires ---> Hazard Emitters
Subnucleonic Beam/Doff ---> nothing
Tractor Beam ---> Polarize Hull & Attack Pattern Omega
Viral Matrix ---> Engineering Team to clear the disabled systems & Science Team to clear the effect so it will not disable more systems

That's about the extent of my knowledge. I know...sad, which this is why I've made this thread.
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# 2
10-07-2012, 08:18 PM
Originally Posted by skurf View Post
Subnucleonic Beam/Doff ---> nothing
Subnucleonic Beam/Doff ---> A team mate to pass you Sci Team.
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# 3
10-07-2012, 08:18 PM
SS, JS, SNB, AMS, Sensor Scan --> all cleared by ST
Phaser Procs, VM --> all cleared by ET
FOMM, APB, BP, Disruptor Procs (I think) --> all cleared by TT
AB, EWP, VTR, Plasma Procs, Energy Siphon drain (?) --> all cleared by HE
Extend Shields, TB, Ablative Generator --> countered by PSW
TBR --> countered by APO and PH (only the push, not the damage)
Spam --> countered by FAW, CSV, TBR, PSW, EWP, GW, SS (in a way, since the spam can clear itself), more spam (this is not encouraged!)

That's just what I can think of at the moment, I'll update this post later.

Need help with PVP? Check this thread out!

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# 4
10-07-2012, 11:45 PM
Only the offensive stuff sans doffs, but should be everything (not necessarily with answers). May be errors.

Subsystem Disable ---> Emergency Power to X, X Battery, Engineering Team.

Aceton Beam ---> Hazard Emitters.
Boarding Party ---> Tactical Team
Eject Warp Plasma/Vent Theta ---> Hazard Emitters (Once), Attack Pattern Omega (Movement Only)

Energy Siphon ---> Hazard Emitters
Jam Targetting Sensors ---> Science Team.
Photonic Shock Wave ---> Unsure.
Scramble Sensors ---> Science Team.
Sensor Scan ---> Science Team.
Subnucleonic Beam ---> Science Team clears the cooldown debuff.
Tachyon Beam ---> Leave forward 90 degree arc.
Tractor Beam ---> Attack Pattern Omega (Movement), Polarize Hull (Movement and Damge), Jam/Scramble/Similar Stuff (Cancels the Tractor)
Tractor Beam Repulsors ---> Attack Pattern Omega (Movement), Polarize Hull (Movement and Damge)
Tyken's Rift ---> Move.
Viral Matrix ---> None, see subsystem disable.

Attack Pattern Beta ----> Tactical Team
Attack Pattern Delta ---> Tactical Team
Beam Target Subsystem ---> None (I think), see subsystem disable.
Fire on My Mark ---> Tactical Team

Aceton Assimilator ---> Remain 5km away, only shoot with torps.
Antimatter Spread ---> Sci Team.
EMP Burst (D'kora) ---> Unsure
Grappler ---> Attack Pattern Omega
Graviton Pulse ---> Attack Pattern Omega
Plasmonic Leach ---> None?
Subspace Snare ---> Attack Pattern Omega

Borg 4 piece ---> See tractor beam
Breen 3 piece ---> Possibly Hazard Emitters
Maco 3 piece ---> Attack Pattern Omega
Omega 3 piece ---> Attack Pattern Omega
Temporal Backstep Bonus ---> None
Temporal Lobi 3 piece ---> Science Team

Chroniton ---> Attack Pattern Omega
Disruptor Procs ---> Unsure
Phaser Procs ---> See Subsystem Disable
Plasma Fires ---> Hazard Emitters
Polaron Procs ---> Unsure
Tachyon Mines ---> Unsure
Thermionic Torpedo ---> Unsure
Tricobalt ---> Unsure
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# 5
10-08-2012, 06:09 AM
It's important to pay attention to this, not only defensively - but offensively as well. Catch them with their cooldowns up and their pants down...

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