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I have been trying to get STO to run via wine for over three weeks! The best I have gotten so far is the patcher runs but says Java needs to be enabled. I cant get IE8 to install correctly. I tried using WINEARCHwin=32 winetricks --force ie8 to reinstall IE8 but it says my archetechture is not supported! I am runing Kubuntu 12.04.1 amd64bit using wine 1.5. 64bit I have been searching wine DB, STO forums and Play on linux trying out lots of solutions. Most so called solutions get me now where, but a few have gotten me a little further. I recently tried setting Firefoxe to default browser and setting its user agent to IE8 but apparently the patcher bypasses the default browser and tries to run IE8 instead. Don't ask me to use the cryptic tool because even when it rarley comes up it never has anything in it. Play on linux has its own debugger but i don't know how much Cyriptic can use that since is made by Playonlinux. Is there a way to patch the game that dosn't requier the patcher? I will keep trying but I thought I would start a new thread here since no one seems to use the old threads on this subject.I have been playing STO since Open Beta on Windows. I still have Windows as i have a dual boot system. I would rather use Kubuntu as it seems to work better than Windows! Hopefully one the devs. can suggest some things to try or maybe they have a linux patcher now.

My main charecter on STO is Vice Admiral Randolf.

I just managed to install the game with just wine but the installer was unable to run the patcher however there is now a cryptic folder on my wine c: drive which has the StarTrek Online.exe file. Runing it brings up the patcher window and the CrypticError tool but, the error tool only shows for about one second then disappers. The patcher says i need to enable Java and none of the links do anything. The patch button and the cryptic store buttons light but don't do anything. If i click on the x button to close the window nothing happens. I had to kill the wine process to close it.

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I decided to download VirtualBox and made a VM, then I downloaded a 32 bit version of kubuntu 12.04.1 and installed it in the VM then i got wine and wine tricks and setup wine and downloaded IE8. I then went to Star Trek Online and down loaded the torrent file, which automatically ran ktorrent. It finished then I ran the setup file that it made and managed to get the patcher to work to 100% I clicked on the engage button. The screen turned black and the game said that my graphics card was unrecognized, however I know from windows that the game runs very well with my true graphics card so, its probably just the virtualzation thats messing things up. I told it to run with optimal settings. I got the Cryptic Splash screen but, i gave up after a while and killed the app. I am running setup again and this time i will select the low graphics option and see if i get in in a resonable time.

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