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5th Victrix Wolves is recruiting new and old players alike. The fleet is newly formed 4 days ago, but we have made significant progress in those days. We put this fleet together so that we could have fun in game. We like to have fun with members and not always be serious and have members grinding all day without any appreciation. If you are tired of being overrun and underused in your current fleet, then we are the fleet for you. Everyone in our fleet works together and we all contribute to fleet resources.

We accept all player types, and all ranks. There is no limits or restraints in our fleet. We help you with what ever aspect of the game that you are interested in. Our members honestly keep me laughing all day long, they are a great group of people and we are fortunate to have put together something we all care very deeply about.

This fleet is active and we are too proud of what we have done this far to let ourselves die out like other smaller fleets. We are looking to gain new members that like to have fun in game also. We also look into other fleets that have died out, and take on players that are willing to join. If your fleet is at a stand still and you think you would be interested contact us in game.

We do have a Ventrilo server up and running for all those that like to voice chat in game.

We are in the process of working on our website.

We did not create this fleet half haphazardly, all fleet leaders put in a lot of thought and ideas. We also accept any suggestions from all our members. We don't pretend to know everything, but we are learning and improving with the passing of each hour.

If this sounds like a group that you would like to join, then we would be happy to have you, we treat all members with the respect that they deserve.

To join or for more info you can contact matthew@dannie_cz, nicole'Rae@nicolerae31. Feel free to pm us or email us with any questions or concerns about anything

Thank you, 5th Victrix Fleet Leaders
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10-08-2012, 04:26 PM
As for our size, we are currently 30 members strong and growing.
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10-11-2012, 08:59 AM
I just wanted to give a little bump to this fleet. I had a great time chatting with the fleet leader last night. If you are looking for a group to fly with, take a few minutes to see if the Wolves could be your new home.
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10-14-2012, 07:48 PM
****DELETED by Jayzeus****

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10-15-2012, 04:14 AM
Originally Posted by jesushchrist999 View Post
One of the leaders of this fleet, left her fleet, pretended she was looking for a fleet just to join my fleet and rip us off. She returned immediately to her fleet. I'm sure not all members are like this but beware of this fleet leader.

If a member of our fleet did indeed do what you claim above I apologies for their conduct. This is not an action we condone, nor did we have any prior knowledge of it. Unfortunately we have no way to confirm or deny your accusation towards one of our members. I will look into the matter personally and take action as I see fit within the privacy of the Wolves.

That being said I find it highly unprofessional and out of line for you to place a post on our recruitment thread to address this issue. A simple letter sent in game via the mail function would have sufficed and we could have kept this incident private, professional, and courteous. Your actions are not appreciated and I am troubled that you felt a need to post negatively on this thread. Had the circumstances been reversed I assure you that I would have at no time considered ever posting on your fleets recruitment post to negatively comment on one of your members.

Furthermore I have to question your methods within your fleet that you allow people to join and immediately have access to your fleets resources. Perhaps a slight restriction on new members privileges is in order to better judge their intentions. I give this as friendly advice to help you protect your own fleet in the future.

T'Kysha Sol
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10-15-2012, 10:36 AM

Thank you for your response. I apologize for posting on your recruitment thread, as I felt it a last resort after already making contact with a member of your fleet and sending an ingame email. I understand you have no way to confirm or deny the allegations and all i have to say is I do not stand to benefit from accusing a member of an otherwise good fleet of wrongdoing.

For anyone reading this thread, I would like to say that this incident was the result of one person, and It should never reflect upon an entire fleet unless the fleet condone's that sort of behavior.

Many people do believe in restricting all bank access, and our fleet unlike many believe in offering a very limited access upon registration. We are never in any danger of losing anything valuable, it is simply to give new members a sense of being through small access. I'm not bothered by the money lost(its trivial), its the principle of lying, establishing limited trust(registering on our website for promotion) and then striking all as a premeditated plan.

I would like to thank you for addressing this issue in whatever way you see fit in your fleet as it is a serious problem that developers do not address in any mmorpg. The only solution to that is fleets taking responsibility for the actions of its members. In the past we have had unfortunately similar situations of members making the fleet look bad and they have been dealt with swiftly.

I have deleted the original message. and if you would like all traces of this deleted I will take your deletion of your comments as a sign for me to delete this message as well.


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