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im trying to figure out if its possible to increase the dps im putting out .

here is my current build any way that i could change stuff around or train new skills to get the absolute maximum dps .... i must point out that this set up is for STF missions only not pvp .

any input you have would be appreciated .. but if something could be changed could you give your reasons why .. so i can learn why im doing it lol


im running with the tactical escort retrofit

weps load out
front - 2x mkXII phaser dual heavy cannons(borg) / 1x phaser quad cannons / 1x MKII
quantum torp

rear - 3x MKII phaser turrets(borg)

deflector- assimilated borg deflector
impulse - omega force MKII
shields- omega force MKII

devices - sub space field modulator / phaser turrets

eng consoles - 1x electro ceramic hull plating mkX very rare / 2X eps flow regulator mkX very rare ---( i could get better but cant afford right now)

sci consoles - emitter array mkX very rare / borg assimilated console

tac consoles - 4x phaser relays mkXI rare (yes i know the mkII very rare gives me an increase but very exspensive


commander tactical - tac team 1 / attack pat beta 1 / cannon rapid fire 2 / attack pat omega 3

lt commander tactical - tac team 1 / cannon rapid fire 1 / high yield 3

ensign tactical - high yield 1

lt engineering - emergency power to shields 1 / reverse shield polarity 1

lt science - hazard emitters 1 / science team 2
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10-07-2012, 04:56 AM
Wouldn't it be better to swap the borg deflector for the Omega, as it boosts Starship Targeting Systems? Consider swapping the Omega engines for the borg ones too, so you retain the 2-set bonus.
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Originally Posted by bladechaser121 View Post
im trying to figure out if its possible to increase the dps im putting out .

1. Change Phasers for Disruptors (or Plasma-Disruptors/Polarised Disruptors/etc.). You don't lose much DPS versus shields, and you gain a LOT of DPS versus hull. Plus lots of big stuff in STFs is unshielded.

2. Drop the Torpedo and concentrate on Single-Target DPS (versus Structures/Cubes), or Keep the Torpedo and concentrate on AoE DPS (versus Probes/Kang Waves). Or find a happy medium (Theoretically 2x DHCs plus [Borg] modifier Quantum Torpedos + 2x Projectile Weapon DOFFs works out quite well, but the [Borg] modifier is currently a bit broken in that all borg ships don't pick up as valid targets to activate the extra damage from the proc).

3. Move your BOFF abilities around.

(i) You should be taking APB3 for STFs - everything you shoot at willl take 50% more hull damage from any damage source (you, your teamamtes, pets, etc.). Quite simply, it's the largest DPS buff you can bring to the team.

(ii) Either APO1 or PH1 is pretty much a must, if you're in a tractor beam then you're unable to line things up in your forward arc, and your damage drops. If you stay far enough away never to be caught in tractor beams then your DPS suffers due to the damage dropoff over range (anything above 1km distance suffers dropoff - see here)

(iii) That leaves One LtCom slot, Two Lt Slots, and three Ensign tactical BOFF power slots. The Ensign Slots are fodder for TT1, the 3rd slot can hold a HYT1 or TS1. The LtCom slot should either be CRF2 (for ST damage) or TS3 (for AoE damage). If taking CSV, never use above CSV1 as the damage increase via higher ranks is negligable.

4. Change to a Tricobalt Torpedo/Minelaying build (again, using disruptors to maximise your damage resistance debuffs). This option would involve a complete change in playstyle, but such builds can technically push out some crazy high damage numbers. It's probably the only other way to increase your DPS drastically though, short of scrapping your ship choice and going for a Klingon Carrier (Disruptor Procs from Fighters plus Disruptor Procs from your ship plus APB, CRF and Tac Captain's "Fire on my mark" = utterly crazy damage resistance debuff numbers against unshielded targets...)

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