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# 1 An Idea Of Mine!
11-12-2012, 02:46 AM
Hello there, this may possibly end up being a wall but I'll do my best to break it down so its not too hard to read through.

So I've had this idea for quite a while but had a few difficulty's making it work for me, I figured it out.

I know that some Foundry users like creating multiple missions based as one episode which I find absolutely awesome, so I've devised a cunning plan.

The hopeful idea of bringing an addition to the foundry which would be to create sector maps.
my first idea was the ability to have these sector maps in a way of the foundry mission being like a mini campaign like 5 missions rolled into this sector you've created plus maybe areas that the foundry creator would like added in, such as planets and stations to visit.

Once I got this Idea I thought oh maybe this is a bad idea because some players prefer to do one mission and do the other missions later on, doing other things like dailys inbetween, so I thought maybe with the sector map that the foundry author makes, the sector map can have a Navigational Beacon which could take the player who is playing the mission back to ESD. Then when the player wants to carry on with the mini campaign they go to ESD transporter pad/Sol System and the mission will pop up so they can return.

My idea can be used in many ways, one of the main reasons is making STO... be Star Trek, creating these sector blocks will and could add that element of "To Explore Strange New Worlds and Seek Out New Life And Civilizations". my theory behind this is simple, everyones imagination has the factor of being able to create things that would be "Strange" and "New".
Plus for foundry authors it could be a very nice way of combining their multiple missions dedicated to being a full story arch into one mini-campaign, that could be continued at any time the player sees fit.

any questions and your thoughts on this would be very nice.

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# 2
11-12-2012, 07:40 AM
New galactic sectors? Umm.... hmm.... one part of me goes "AWESOME!" the other part goes "not gonna happen".

The idea is cool, but they haven't added the tech yet, and I doub tit's a priority. A similar but less expansive, idea is to let Foundry authors create their own mission entry points. These would be objects (such as a new console at ESD or a solar system that wasn't there before in Pi Canis) added to cryptic maps that only appear when someone is doing that mission.

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# 3
11-12-2012, 12:04 PM
I have to agree with markhawkman on this: Neat idea that just won't happen. The same general benefit to the author could be achieved though by allowing multiple "sections" in a mission that can be accessed separately as is done with certain Cryptic missions; i.e. you start the mission in system X, finish that part and the next happens in system Y which you can go do when you please without dropping the mission.

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