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10-09-2012, 11:52 AM
** Weapons:
Phaser vs. Disruptor ... (ok, Klingons can equip phasers too, but come on ... a real klingon always choose ... aahm, antiproton? )
Fed > Klingons

** Ships:
Escort vs. Raptors --> Feds win

Battle Cruiser vs. "I'm Jean Luc Picard of the Enterprise"-Cruisers. --> Klingons win

BoPs vs. ... nothing? --> Klingons win

Shuttles vs. ... Yeah, some ugly things that fly --> Feds win

Carrier vs. Carrier --> Feds = Klingons (I dont know what is more annyoing, to be permanently tractored or to be drained to death)

C-Store Ships vs. C-Store Ships --> ... Wait ... ? Klingons have C-Store ships?

** Character Style
1 billion options to dress your char vs. 1 fur jackets in 5 different colors --> Feds win.

So, I think it is fairly balanced.

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10-09-2012, 12:07 PM
The biggest balance problem in FvK is the lack of Fed' teamwork. Lemme give you a perfect example of this:

Some Klingon B.O.P.'s did some hit and run in Kerrat. The Fed guys teamed with me complained about the "sneaky" Klingon's sneaking up on them and blowing them to bits. I offer to bring my Sci-Neb', to which they say yes to. I bring my Neb' in, go full aux and all of the nifty Neb' cloak spotting techniques and the guys immediately sprint away in separate directions from my ship (like more than 10k away). And the Klingons start gang-banging stragglers again. Even after I asked them to stay within a certain range of my ship, they never worked together.
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10-09-2012, 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by razellis View Post
Fed's have some of the nicest ships in the game but with the exception of Raptors vs. escorts it feels like the klinks have the highest utility on each ship type(read do other things and damage).
Its a missconception brought on by the design differences of the factions.

Federation Cruisers are designed, with small exception, to have high influence in Engineering and the Sciences (the thing that has saved the Enterprise more times than firepower) with a smattering of tactical

Klingon battle Cruisers are designed to accent Engineering and Tactical (the bread and butter of the KDF) with a smattering of Science. In a fight, and STO is all about fighting, the KDF battle Cruiser is the better vessel.

Federation Escorts are just flat out better than the KDF Raptors.

Birds of Prey are thier own niche.

Federation Science vessels are flat out better at using science.

The sense of KDF utility is false as the only function the KDF vessel need do is apply damage and self heal, which is the failing of STO.

When Science was not nerfed and the Science abilities function better, many found the Cruiser and the Science vessel more than adequate for STO and its only after the focus of STO having moved to just survival and DPS, that the KDF suddenly seems better.
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First of all, OP, I think you went a little off-topic yourself by making this a "fedscort vs BoP" discussion, there's a lot more to balance than just those 2 types of ships! But when you look at the factions, it's quite obvious Klingons have the advantage in PvP balance.

Most obviously, the cloaking device standard on most Klingon ships is a huge tactical advantage. Then you look at turn rate, arguably the most important factor for PvP success, and Klingon ships blow away their Federation competition. And then of course, you see the the ubiquitous Plasmonic Leech console, power siphon drones, aceton assimilators... Klingons have a decided advantage, most people who play both factions agree on that.

A lot of people try to give a canon-based explanation, but that's irrelevant to STO. red01999 put it nicely: "I am aware that many cite the Federation's "non-militaristic" philosophy as a reason for slower, under-powered ships, but unfortunately in STO that just translates to 'gross disadvantage'". It's sad that the developers gave the KDF such little PvE content that they felt they needed advantages in PvP - it doesn't make sense to give one faction an advantage over the other.

Ultimately I think part of the balance problem between the factions is the game is all about tactical spike DPS, with which the KDF has the advantage. The Fed's advantage in science or engineering isn't worth much. If science or engineering were more competetive, then maybe we'd see better balance between the factions too! Here's hoping season 7 brings some nice changes.
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10-09-2012, 06:09 PM
Not so much off topic rather than that is the only direct experience that I have. I encourage you guys to post your own examples of things other than bop vs escort. The only reason I didn't go more into it with the other classes is that I don't feel that I have enough experience with them to be able to say one way or another about those classes.

And to poster above. I see your point and agree with you on it.

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I would say when it come to tactical they are both tied,Science Fed wins and criusers Klinks win.
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Originally Posted by age03 View Post
I would say when it come to tactical they are both tied,Science Fed wins and criusers Klinks win.
But Klingons wont win the cruiser portion by that much, especially with the Excel and the Regent in the mix.
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Originally Posted by kitsune1977 View Post
I have my own opinion about the balance issues between Federation and Klingon sides of the game. I am curious to know your opinion on the matter. Please post what you think and please no flaming people for how they feel.
It's the equivalent of a Model-T vs. a Dodge Viper in terms of maneuverability. Period.
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I'll second the motion that the KDF gets most of the cool toys. HOWEVER, that gap is getting increasingly smaller with ships such as the heavy escort carrier, atrox, and now the lockbox consoles.

That said, as far as KDF goes, when it comes too DPS, they are still easily king. The feds, with all their cruisers, are meant too tank, and they do so very very well.
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Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
But Klingons wont win the cruiser portion by that much, especially with the Excel and the Regent in the mix.
It is said the best weapon is one that is never fired. I disagree. The best weapon is one you only have to fire... once.
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