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10-09-2012, 01:02 PM
Originally Posted by cavadus View Post
Finish KDF, introduce RSE, and go full out on a three-front war with PvPvE territorial control. This game needs realm versus realm (versus realm) to really survive.

Get the starbases integrated into the territorial warfare, let us place our starbases on the border for defense, and let's get some real damn PvP going.

Anything else is just more of the same.

I think we've been telling the devs we need territory control since the game's inception. They just never can program or execute it. I agree with most of the other people in here. I'm tired of the mindless grinding, as well. Give us territory control, more customization, integrate star bases into pvp, give us more mini-games, and give us better exploration.
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10-09-2012, 06:10 PM
After nearly 1000 days... still no poker on my ship. The ship has really nothing to do on it... you cant even bank on it unless you get one of the special ships that have it... I mean I fly a cruiser, surely I have enough room on that ship to store my stuff right

And pvp... when I first started playing, I played Klingon heavily because I loved the idea of a pvp centric playstyle only to find that it was neglected so badly that pvp is the redheaded stepchild of this game.

I would love to play my KDF more but ... I want to play all the content so I play Feds alot too. And whatever happened to the Iconians?

There is just too much missing.

Please... fix the bugs, revamp pvp, address the balance issues between starships... escorts should not be the only ship flown by 80 percent of players... add poker in the social zones and other reason to just hang out and chill with friends... what's the point of creating social zones when there is nothing to do in them....

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