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# 1 Escorts and DEM + Marion
10-11-2012, 06:33 PM
DEM + Marion reduces weapon drain, which is a godsend for tacs working to relieve the strain of firing 4 DHCs and turrets.

As it is however, escorts only can run 1 copy (2 if you're in a HEC). Should we? Because this comes at the expense of having a 2nd EPtS, or RSP, or Aux2SIF.
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# 2
10-12-2012, 12:18 AM
All I have to say is, why? DEM doesn't even work right for cannons and if you put anything into weapons power systems, you shouldn't be getting hit by a drain. Marion is great for cruisers, my engineer with Beam Fire at Will loves DEM+Marion. I got 2 Marion and I can't believe they are only 1mil on the exchange, tempted to get some more.
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# 3
10-12-2012, 10:59 AM
Unfortunately I do feel they are pretty much best for a tac in an alpha strike, not as much an engineer because of how short the effect lasts.

That said, I did some testing and with three of them, you can fire a volleys of CRP 1 with 3 DHCs and 3 turrets, along with a DBB firing a BO 3, and lose maybe...15 weapons power from the whole thing all at once.

If an engineer does that and has Nadeon running, your weapons power will barely drop at all.
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