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10-09-2012, 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by game5pock View Post
Why are people complaining about this? I think it's a grand gesture on Cryptic's part, and it makes me feel better about getting a LTS a few weeks before the game went F2P.
A sense of entitlement.

As one poster pointed out, Vet Rewards have long been a standard for showing appreciation to long-term members. This poster is 100% correct about this, and about the meaning of the Vet Rewards themselves.

What he and many others are failing to grasp is that an LTS is and always has been a long-term investment, proof in the form of wads of cash that you care enough about a game to drop that much on it in one go. All Cryptic has done is make that investment more rewarding, which is something that the lifetime sub itself has been needing for ages.

They're getting upset that these young LTS are getting all their stuff that they had to wait for. They think that being here longer means the $300 they gave Cryptic years ago is somehow worth more than the $300 some person gave them three months ago.

My only question is why they're lumping it now instead of having done it incrementally as each reward came out (for example, when the 100 day combadge came out, why they didn't automatically give it to all existing LTSs at that point, and so on with each new reward).
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10-09-2012, 12:57 PM
I'm honestly happy for all the new lifers (like my BF) who'll benefit from this. On the other hand I'm a little bitter that we lifers who've been asking for this since vet rewards were introduced were denied the same benefit.
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10-09-2012, 01:00 PM
It's not often that I voice my displeasure in relation to the game, but on this occasion, I feel compelled to.

The veteran reward program was supposed to be a way to give something back to the customers who have been loyal to the game, through good times and bad... and we all know that many if the vets stuck around through a lot of the game's more difficult periods.

Instead, the appreciation reward has turned into a very expensive ship. Considering that the lockboxes have demonstrated that people will throw down hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for the chance of winning the latest and greatest ship to come out, you can bank on people throwing down a few hundred bucks for the guarantee of getting this one.

From a business and marketing perspective, this makes a lot of sense. The money is going to be flowing in hand over fist, but my feeling is that it's a really disrespectful decision. Of course, money making and ethics rarely go hand in hand, but I can't help but be disappointed all the same.

I don't hit my 1000 days for several months yet, and in a way, I'm thrilled that I'll get the new ship quickly... on the other and more legitimate side... I don't feel that this is right.

Surely the game is doing well enough that the studio wouldn't have to resort to this sort of tactic? I'm genuinely disappointed... and on the heels of such an awesome announcement of appreciation for the veteran players, that had the entire community happy.
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10-09-2012, 01:00 PM
Jesus... That SUCKS!

I say that as a 500-odd day lifer...
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10-09-2012, 01:04 PM
Last bit of respect gone... Stupid move.
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10-09-2012, 01:04 PM
its harsh on real veterans who played from beta and had to wait the full 1000 days... whats next ? MCDonald's vendor on ESD? make REAL endgame content and stop focusing like that on our money.
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10-09-2012, 01:05 PM
The ship itself isn't that great either. There are ever increasingly more 10 console ships out there and this has 9 only. It's already at a disadvantage so what is the incentive to play it? If no T6 ships (fine I get why not and I'm happy with that) then enhanced T5 with the +1 console would do fine and this isnt even that.

Minus lock box ships you've got your fleet ships and with lockbox you have even more selection. It's a major let down. The KDF have a BC of all things and what do the fed get? Even raptors don't have BC only Bops.

Makes little difference anyway 1000 day vet reward means subscribed for 1000 days. This has now become a LTS reward so where is my 1000 day vet reward?

Plain and simply Cryptic have gone for the cash grab and gone back on their word and that doesn't come as a surprise so I won't get my knickers in a twist over it it just reinforces what a lot probably suspect of Cryptic. I guess lockboxes weren't bringing in enough income..that or Cryptic are even more greedy.
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10-09-2012, 01:07 PM
Will consider buying a LTS.

Old lifers may feel undervalued now but they should consider that any new lifer means new long-term players in the game, more ressources for the dev team, and more content at the end of the day.
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10-09-2012, 01:09 PM
It's a huge FU to the 9xx-day subscribers. The only question now is whether I continue to play but never give Cryptic another dime again, or just quit and find something else to play.

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10-09-2012, 01:10 PM
Just when I think Cyptic can't get any worse, you dig deep and make me lose more respect for you. I'm impressed.

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