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While I don't pretend to own this thread I please ask to keep the discussion to the shared cd between these two powers. I am not alone in being frustrated by how this was handled, but we've seen that the devs stop listening if we express our frustrations, so let's save it for other threads. And I'm aware that RSP was included in the cd, but the implications of that are somewhat separate and I'd like to either change their mind on this shared cd, or argue it down to 5 seconds. Also, moderators, please note that this is the specific point of this thread, so please don't merge it with another thread talking about the changes in general.

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The change to Shield-related cooldowns is clearly the hotspot to be watched. We knew that going into this, and are watching for constructive feedback of the changes.
No shared cd: best. Rather, recognize the other contributors to out of control SDR and shield life, and make a pass on them (BFI doff, TT). Adjust the actual resistance provided by EPTS and ES instead.

If there is an insistence on a shared cd,

5 sec - Reasonable. Creates small holes in rotations, possibly delays the application of a timely Extend, potentially makes the extender more vulnerable.

10 sec - Expect a noticeable drop off in puggers loading ES. Far more difficult to get benefits from Sci Team, borg procs, because of the larger low resist window.

15 sec - Really bad. EPTS is completely compromised, as is any chance at a timely application of ES. No reason to load both.

If there is a perception that shield healing cruisers were too strong (not saying they are, just trying to get at the logic here) then think about this in terms of opportunities. 5 seconds gives an escort pilot a chance to take a shot in between rotations.

15 seconds removes the ability to keep yourself and another person at levels of shield damage resistance needed to survive a coordinated or even uncoordinated alpha.

5 seconds gives escorts a shot at a window, 15 seconds gives the game to escorts.
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10-10-2012, 11:16 AM
"hotspot" With the amount of threads started on this subject today, I guess you could call it a "hotspot".

I think the first thing to try to figure out is the "why". Why did you make this change bort? If we know that, we can try to figure out solutions that align themselves with their why. It makes no sense after bortas reasoning behind the extend doff's release. Coming up with solutions that go against cryptics "why" almost never works out for us. Working at solutions that benefit our wish for balance and their why may have a snowballs chance to be implemented

Making the extend doffs duration the same as the shared cd seems like a solution that benefits both parties (the fact I have to say both parties is kind of :-( to me). It's not the best solution IMO, but i for one wouldn't change my healing build if this was implemented.
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10-10-2012, 11:20 AM
Originally Posted by redricky View Post
15 seconds gives the game to escorts.
I know multiple people have asked "well isn't that the point?"

I personally don't mind so much about EPtS and ES sharing cd however I still disagree that they should, one is a manipulation of the power grid, the other is a manipulation of the shields.

The main thing I have a problem with is EPtS and RSP sharing cd allow me to offer an example:

I'm PvPing against an escort and I have dual EPtS and EPtW cycling, I see this escort max out all his/her skills so I run RSP, now without shared cooldown between the two shield skills I live, need to heal some minor hull damage but I live.

Now we put EPtS on shared cooldown with RSP

I see this escort max out, hit RSP and I survive the first wave, the escort hits their evasives and comes about, at this point I'm dead as there is nothing I can do, TSS won't take it (even with rotate shield frequencies and TT) and unless the escort is poorly built I wont have time to get miracle worker in. The other thing of course is that any well built escort will also burn through EPtS so it needs the support of RSP

Sorry but I agree with ES and RSP sharing as they are both shield manipulators but EPtS is power system and shouldn't share that cooldown.

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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Patch notes will read:
- Emergency Power to Shields has been removed from the category cooldown shared with Reverse Shield Polarity and Extend Shields.
Well shut my mouth.
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I don't think we need another thread on this, for the time being. Please read the response from another thread:
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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
I don't think we need another thread on this, for the time being. Please read the response from another thread:
plz throw tribbles at the one who had the "great idea" to do this in the 1st place.....or tell them to play the game. If you want to balance out some of the powers do that, here are two powers yall can play around with........boarding partys......DEM......those pretty much suck lol. Wells that not all fair at the same time but watch this.... In pvp BP is a "NO NO" everyone and their mom is running TT so thats a no go. In pve BP isnt SOOOO bad but still......yea..... DEM in pve is kinda of a wasted space since so much of the pve stuff (stf really) is un-shielded. In pvp DEM isnt SOOOO bad but see the pattern.

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