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# 1 Ship coustume + Idea
08-08-2012, 10:30 AM
Just want to share some of my imagination with you

I love the odyssey (and no hot debates about it, I do, so that is what matters here) but I would really love it if there was a more than 1 coustume, so not everyones oddyssey look (nearly) exactly the same. Markings are ok, but what about a new scuacer, or new naccle? We should hold "design a coustume for the odyssey" competition. What about customizing the interior of your starbase m almost like different maps, and you can merge different ones into others . Eg The leader can change what ships are in his office, and make Ops have stairs instead of a "ramp" . Also I know about Anti Protons. Why don't we have positrons, the "anti electron" and have a antiproton - positron hybrid weapon. Or a console which binds these too and increases anitproton weapondamage for 6 shots or something? Ok my ideas, see what you guys think! B-) What ships do you want?

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# 2 Ideas
10-21-2012, 12:50 PM
Like your thoughts on expanding the look of the Odyssey class.

I would also think that seeing how the Federation and Klingons have in a way formed an alliance vs the Borg. The Borg is such a great threat bc they take and incorporate other cultures Tech into their own.
The Federation and Klingons should go and design a couple different Fed/Klingon Hybrid Ships.

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