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Originally Posted by ortsim View Post
I'm impressed with the ship, it makes a decent upgrade from my old Galaxy-X functionality-wise (no cloak, the turn rate is a nice upgrade, and the phaser lotus is similar to the lance). I wasn't really feeling the Oddy, so I'm pretty happy with it.

I do wish that it came with the standard top-of-the-line 10 console slots though, as the fleet and grab bag ships have them and this should basically be in that class (lifetimers and long-time subscribers probably aren't all that common, right?). Right now, it still feels like I'm a tier behind equipment wise and I can live with that, but it would be icing on the cake to give us one more console slot.

The D'kora is fairly similar ship with 10 slots, except being more cruiser-like in style and stats. Plus the D'kora has dabo, the exchange, mail, and bank access, and other unique amenities, so why not toss us one more slot, pretty please?
I think they ought to look at how to make "special power ships" upgradeable to Fleet Tier.

Personally, I think the simple solution is to make their base stats higher and give them 10 console slots but give them a stat and "benefit from consoles" nerf that can be removed.

So... Dreadnaught, Excelsior, Orion/Gorn ships, Chimera would be 10 console ships with higher shields and hull but would have a 10% console bonus nerf and 5% shields/hull nerf that can be removed for the price of a fleet ship.

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