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10-15-2012, 01:14 PM
Originally Posted by shimmerless View Post
As much as we deride the whole straitjacketed BOff layouts, I think Cryptic was originally in the right to hold back on bringing out all these Universals... it's starting to mess with the game balance in a bad way.
But some of us still dream of our FOFF slots!
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10-15-2012, 01:22 PM
Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
But some of us still dream of our FOFF slots!
Well, those might actually help set things right for everybody. I, for one, am looking forward to having a first officer. ^^
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10-15-2012, 01:53 PM
Generally speaking, and not necessarily singling out any one person or specific posts...

#1 - Some people who will not be named here should seriously consider going back and editing their posts. When referring to other forum users, leave off any personal references to beliefs, feelings, behavior, intelligence, character, etc. If you did any of this, you probably know who you are.

#2 - Please show some respect for other people's opinions, even if you don't agree with them.

#3 - "Forum PvP" is not entertainment. Any post that's been crafted to provoke an angry
reaction is trolling and is subject to moderation, warnings, and infractions.

#4 - Please do not call other people trolls. This is in itself trolling. If you have a
problem with something that's been posted, report it.

#5 - Stick with the facts -- Please don't speculate about other people's motivations.

#6 - Please do not make further moderation necessary. Read the Forum Rules.
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10-21-2012, 09:38 AM
Part of my issue is that cruisers are just so iron locked in to their build.

I'm still new and trying to learn my way around. I still need to get my boffs trained in the EptW so I can get that cycle with EptS going.

But the issue is while so many people are saying that the Cruiser is designed as a tank (which is good, surviving always is) the end game base cruisers and indeed all ships are divided.

We have the Assault Cruiser and the Star Cruiser which is essentially you have your tank platter with tac seasoning or sci seasoning.

But it doesn't go far enough. An Assault Cruiser needs bite. If you're gonna call it an assault cruiser and add that tac flavor then it needs to actually be able to hold its own. It's the only one that can't perform its role effectively natively.

Things should be balanced but currently it's just balanced away from cruisers, which are the iconic ships in this franchise. Which makes it weird. More weird is the difference between the Assault Cruiser and the Advanced Heavy Retrofit. A Lakota model Excelsior should still be vastly inferior to a spanking new out of the shop Sovereign which has all of it's technology built in.

And seriously, NO TANKS in PvP. Personal Experience.

I'm interested however in this idea of hull healing. What am I doing wrong? I've never been in a situation where hull healing was the deciding factor. Usually after my shields were gone in PvP it was game over. I've survived with ten percent hull but only when I was able to get my shields back up.

Hull tanking and healing is not something I've ever been able to pull off.

Between shields (sci), hull (Eng), and weapons (Tac) being the three main parts of combat around here, hull might as well be tissue paper. Looking at it as a human warrior, Shields are obviously the shield-armor. Weapons is your sword or spear, and hull is flesh. Flesh. The part that bleeds.

An idea would be to add a choice. Armor should add a second layer underneath shields separate completely from hull to get through and you would have to determine whether you'd want armor or a shield modification to the ship, and depending on the armor it should also effect turn rate. For instance Neutronium should make a cruiser turn like a Vo'quv but give superior armor rating, while ablative should be a balance between protection and maneuverability. Duranium, Tetraburnium, and other materials and alloys that are actually built into the ship should increase the hull hit points and provide a smaller armor rating without effecting turn rate. (Basically saying you're building your ship out of a better material). That way you could at least create your tank the way you want. Some would want the protection of the Neutronium and be cool not being able to turn while others would want to be as nimble as possible and would go with an alloy. While they try to hack through the armor that would be the time to restore shields.

And threat control would be something I'd be more trusting to spec into if I could turn it off when I switch ships.
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