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# 1 Federation Fleet Skill Boosts
10-12-2012, 02:12 PM
What is wrong with the recognition system for MIL, ENG, and SCI skill boosts, available from the Operations Quartermaster?

In my Fed fleet, we are flush with buff provisions in all three categories, yet when I open the quartermaster's dialogue, it indicates that we have zero remaining. When I click to purchase, I get a dialogue that reads ...requires reprovisioning. My KDF fleet doesn't have this problem.

I have submitted tickets with no response. I've seen other posts on the forum, with no response from Cryptic.

What's going on here, and when are you guys going to fix this?
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10-12-2012, 09:34 PM
If you've looked at other threads on this, you probably saw at least one of my posts on it, so I won't spam your thread with the same thing we've both already said.

I am also rather tired of these bugs as well. It has been months now since this came out, and they've yet to fix it, and more people are slowly, but surely discovering it.
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I remain empathetic to the concerns of my community, but do me a favor and lay off the god damn name calling and petty remarks. It will get you nowhere.
I must admit, respect points to Trendy for laying down the law like that.

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