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10-12-2012, 03:00 PM
Originally Posted by capt001 View Post
So, where do you imagine STO to be in about 10 years after its launch?
With an GFX Engine based on anything but 3DS MAX.

(I hope)

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10-12-2012, 03:17 PM
In 10 years or less, I hope a true exploration system, where you can go to a planet, beam down and spend hours just exploring or making UGC mission to explore, larger space, ground maps. Commanding your ship from inside your ship...ect.....ect....ect.
I know none of that will happen though, but one can hope.
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What I hope to see in ten years.
Maybe even just a relaunch of the entire game, Star Trek Online 2.

In game:
Seamless loading screen and transition, similar to the loading screen from Tera Online.

One huge giant map in space.

Customizable starship interiors or interiors that are unique to every ship class.

Able to command your ship directly from the bridge interior.

The Boff will all have different way of speaking. They will all have different personality points that effect how they treat you and you treat them.

Randomly generated mission that ties directly with your Boff depending on their race and personality points mentioned above.

More playable races.

Fully voiced mission for all and any missions.

Fully voiced Boff.

Even your Boff will have their own room in the ship interior that reflects their personality and race.

Special holodeck missions that puts you in the shoes of cannon characters as you play through classic episodes and movies.

PvP that involve disabling other player's ship and boarding them. Fighting in both space and inside ships at the same time.

Enable end game players to form its own mini-fleet where their Boff become captains and they command other ships you own. Some endgame missions will involve one player and four computer controlled ships.

Much more customization on characters and Boff.

Machinima tools built into the game.

Ground vehicles such as the Argo and large ground missions and PvE that requires such vehicles.

In atmosphere shuttle mission and PvE with ground hazard and enemies.

20 v 20 or 10 v 10 PvP in large maps that requires ground or shuttle vehicles.

PvP or PvE maps that are so massive that it requires cooperation in both ground and space maps.

Better exploration system.

Ships in space combat that make physical contact with other ships will deal in kinetic damage.

Dynamic damage visualization on ships. So if a torpedo hits on the right, stuff on the right will explode and fly out.

Outside of game:

App that let users access Doff system.

As widely recognized as WoW.

A strong community.

A TV series that has story elements from the game.

C-store will offer real world items like model kits of your ship, statue of your character or favorite character, your in-game uniform in real life, smaller stuff such as mugs or towels.

Goes world wide where anyone in any country can access the game, well, unless the local government refuse to allow it.

We'll see ships from the game in the TV shows or movies.

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10-13-2012, 08:33 PM
10 years?

Judging from its current state, I see it celebrating it's second year since shutting down.

I really hate to be a downer, but, as much as I love the game, I just don't see where it has the staying power to last more than eight years, at best.

Unless, that is, the KDF gets a full faction treatment and the Romulans are brought in successfully (that is, full Starbase system, a fleshed out stable of core ships, and content at least matching the current KDF). If neither of these things happen before the six or seven year mark, the game is boned. Not that eight years is a bad run in the slightest, of course, I'm just saying that ten years should be entirely feasible if the right strides are made over the next three or four years.
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10-13-2012, 09:46 PM
I don't think the viability of the game is that dependent upon the movie franchise. As long as the game maintains its playability, it will do fine. It is the ability for players to create their own story arc and customize their character that will keep them coming back. The game will also do well as long as the social environment is kept strong. It's the interactivity, both as a story mechanic and social medium, that sets the game apart from the movies.
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10-13-2012, 09:52 PM
The game will probably be gone by then honestly. Not many MMO's last that long, and currently STO isn't really on the radar even. I'm not sure if STO will ever have advertising again haha...

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Originally Posted by xenor002 View Post
The game will probably be gone by then honestly. Not many MMO's last that long, and currently STO isn't really on the radar even. I'm not sure if STO will ever have advertising again haha...
I guess Anarchy Online is one of the exceptions. It's still apparently going on. In fact, I think I'll install the game again. it's apparently over 10 years old (according to Wikipedia). I figure STO will last that long at least...

Speaking of AO, I think I'll reinstall the game. Hopefully my character is still there...

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10-13-2012, 10:16 PM
Unlike most MMOs, STO was developed with a budget that required 100k subs fror sustainability. It has been stated that we surpassed that long ago... and they have since stated the c-store supplies all that is needed and more now.

When TOR was in development, they let it slip they set a development budget based on 1 million subs, lated lowering it to 500k.

We will still be here in 10 years, I doubt TOR will survive the next 5.
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# 19 goodness
10-13-2012, 10:33 PM
I sure hope it will survive 10 years and many more besides. Im helping build a starbase that i expect will serve as my virtual retirement home.
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10-13-2012, 10:46 PM
10 years in computers, or even just games is a really really long time...

For all we know, STO could be THE dominating game, or it could have been forgotten and closed...

There are people who will tell you either one or the other.

Personally I don't belive the model currently used, is a working one... Right now? Sure it works, but like everything else, it needs to change, since people will only want to spend money they can't calculate with for so long... Basically: eventually the willingness to cash out every two weeks will end.

Just as an example: Most of those in my fleet who were spending big time in the past year, have now reached a saturation point where they have made it clear that the level of spending they've done on this game is over.
Mostly because the items they are spitting out are batteling each other, and you can only use one thing at a time, knowing that next week, something similar is being released.

So it either needs to change (wich is not unlikely, considering that gaming companies tend to be good to read the marked), or die.

I really prefer not to speculate on this... I'd love to see STO around in 10 years (making my Pre-order LTS worth the investment), but for that to happen, the F2P model will have to be enhanced.

Will we (the OP and I) meet on a space battlefield in 10 years? Maybe... If not, there will be something else.
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