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# 1 ----The Black Sheep----
10-15-2012, 11:10 AM
What defines a fleet?

A group of captain's that all fly with the same tag, but seldom do anything together? Fleet of elitists and group up in small "cliques" and leave the other members to fend for themselves? A group so large they feel they are the creator's gift to STO?

Don't fit there? Yea....neither did we.

Hence...."Xander's Black Sheep"....founded by the senior "Sir Cranky" himself, Xander. The Black Sheep are comprised of members that just don't fit anywhere else. We are a rag tag mix of roleplayers, STF hardcore nuts, Star Trek Super Enthusiasts, you name it, we got it. What we don't have is stuffed shirt, over extensive rules to follow but one. You have to be social and able to hang out with the fleet on Teamspeak. Don't have to have a mic, but gotta at least be able to hear.

Why the name?

Formed by a veteran of the U.S. Army, Xander had a deep fascination for Col. Greg "Pappy" Boyington, a WW II U.S.M.C. fighter ace that took a gaggle of roughneck, misfits and turned them into what was called the "Terrors of the Pacific".

Now in 2410, Admiral Xander is not only showing respect for that cause, but reliving it. If you just don't feel like you fit in anywhere else....find one of the sheep. We are picky...but once your one of us, you will never be left alone in the vast STO space. Or you can visit us at

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