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# 1 Colonization question
10-14-2012, 12:21 PM
So I am trying to the assigment chain for colonization, right now in the delta volanis cluster.

Earlier today I completed part 4 however part 5 is not showing up, as with the first 4 parts all you had to do was show up in the cluster the instant after hitting "collect rewards" to fnish it, and the next one was lined right up

Do I have to go somewhere special this time or is just meant to stall for time, spawning less frequently ? If it only spawns rarely I could see myself quitting colonization, isn't it enough I am giving away refugees at 60k ?

Also, is it worth completing at all, how often do the end "repeatable reward" mission actually spawn ?

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# 2
10-14-2012, 12:27 PM
Chains do not immediately appear after you finish one after another. So you can be lucky in finding it the next rotation or spend days chasing it.

You should sign up the DOFF channel, perhaps they could alert you to when that Part shows up.
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# 3
10-14-2012, 12:43 PM

Well this is gay but thanks anyway.

This is currently my only idea of what to do in sto sadly, but sitting in a cluster and waiting for the next update 60 minutes away to get another negative is a bit far from my idea of recreational or fun

If I could I'd beam down to the planet and shoot everyone, nuke from orbit and fly away while mooning from the conf room

What a fanastic way to stall and waste time
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# 4
10-14-2012, 07:31 PM
First: Check your operations officer, you'll sometimes get them there as well. Your department heads update once a day only, not when sector or personal update, so this is only a small extra chance.

Second: Running just one colonization chain is foolhardy. Granted they've increased the appearance rate of these chains by a factor of at least ten since S5 launched, but they're still long chains with no interference between them. It takes about a half hour to run around all of them, and except for bottlenecks where you get several stuck on the big 5 colonist dropoff and the resettle cooldown can't keep up they'll progress fairly evenly. It took me about three weeks to finish my first chain (this was after one or two appearance rate buffs, there've been several more since), and by the end of the fourth week I had all but three done. There are rare steps and bottlenecks in each chain, doing them one at a time you'll spend likely over a year doing what you could do in a month.
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# 5
10-15-2012, 05:07 AM
First ot say - I'm a noob. I'm playing the game under a month.

But when I saw "3 weeks to finish the first colonization"...

Since I don't have the ambassador title (yet) I didn't try those 4 sectors in KDF space. But all other colonizations? Yup, they're finished. And I even replayed support assignements a few times in every sector and got purple doffs from almost all of them. All under a month of play.

You don't need 3 weeks for just one, you can get them all in 3 weeks. Even less.
What is the only thing you really need? Simple answer: EC.

To grab a million or two of EC, do Tour the Galaxy event just once. Easy.

Visit this page on STOwiki:
Check what items you need and how many, find a tuffli NPC trader in Sirius sector (usually there is one between Sol, Vulcan and Andoria) and get things cheap so you don't waste too much of EC with replicator.

Colonists are a problem? Nah. Yes, you'll do "resettle colonists" mission that appears once per day to get 5 of them, but you need more and fast. They're sold relatively cheap on the exchange because they're almost useless except for the colonization missions. And after Tour the Universe, you have the money not just for "item cards" but also for colonists.
This doesn't mean you'll buy one colonist for 100K! You'll see many silly offers on the exchange, just skip them and if all colonists are currently expensive, wait for a day you'll find a better offer.

Once you're set (items plus colonists, I've read 20 is max so I always travelled with 20 colonists) just take your own tour over sectors and visit all "nebulas". Later when all assignments are finished, usually tomorrow, browse all nebulas again, start all new chain assignments where available. Practically in no time you'll colonize all possible places and all you need more is to explore those sectors once in a while and if possible grab purple doffs.

You'd better be doing some other "juicy" assignments with thousands of CXP on crits? Whoever tells you that, just shove him off. Yes, it's timeconsuming but in the end you get:

1. an endless resource of purple doffs you can sell, turn into 3 blues, kill to get dil, or just drool over 10 sexy Gaavrins, anything that pleases you

2. an endless resource of refugees that among other things can return a puple doff on a crit with asylum assignments

3. easy to crit and earn thousands of CXP for not just one commendation through special repetative 20h long assignments available daily in every area where a colonization chain is done:
- Establish a listening post: 384 colonial, 359 engineering, 359 espionage
- Establish additional military bases: 474 colonial, 449 engineering
And they're separate for each area! So you can set 10 of listening post establishing if you want (if you have enough doffs that is). And yea, thanks to "grinding" these two assignments my first blue holographic doff was the engineer, not doctor or securty.

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# 6
10-15-2012, 06:00 AM
Like I said, this was at season 5's launch. The appearance rate of steps was about 10% of what it is now, with no department head second chance, just the slim chance at a weird bug causing 4 second resets in one slot to hope for.
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# 7
10-15-2012, 06:14 AM
I believe you and hope you agree with me - although lenghty thing to complete, in the end a very profitable one.
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# 8
10-15-2012, 07:05 AM
Well yesterday I was sort of down over the whole thing but joxertm2 just totally sold it to me.

And I actually start all the missions I could in every cluster and nebula before I learned only the first 4 are instant.

Thanks for the lengthy reply, thanks everyone for the tips and thanks for talking me into it

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