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# 21 PvE queue screen
10-17-2012, 04:19 PM
I noticed that there more information given off of this screen now. However my 1 complaint is that that amount of people queued into it no longer shows up. So in a way it is kind of a crapshoot to know if anyone has queued the mission or not. I waited a while before the mission started because I had no idea how many people queued it. This feature needs to be brought back so we are not wasting time guessing as to when we will be able to play the missions. Thanks.
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# 22
10-17-2012, 06:39 PM
Ok, I loved the first almost all the the mission, good job btw.

At first I thought you had to run across the map endgame, but it turned out another team just... well they sucked.

I also noticed quite a few of the creatures falling though the floor when fighting at the shuttle evacuation point on the east side of the map. Other than that I was impressed by the level of detail and difficulty, my first run though my team saved 3 civs, second run we saved 7 or 8.

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# 23
10-17-2012, 07:37 PM
Bias: tac officer in Red (industrial) zone.

So right off the bat it's not clear that your team has a zone it should stick to, and that's whichever zone you landed in.

First phase: (Informing civilians). Run around, mash the talk to button, kill anything that spawns. The spawn effect seems a bit slow given that you're under time pressure, so on all occasions I found myself already moved on before I started getting shot at.

Second phase: race to fortify. Not much depth but no problems really

Third evacuation route: A few of our civilians were getting stuck under the ground. We managed to I think move the civilians ahead before a group of vampires spawned, so they just kinda stood there.

4th: Defend shuttles. Nothing to it really. Stand around, kill stuff.

My basic grief here is that the enemy seems uninspired, there's no real tension because it seems like a couple of people with a pulsewave and a splitbeam (or a minigun) can just mow down everything, and they just plod along like zombies waiting to be mowed down. They might just be underpowered (or we're overpowered for the tuning) but it seemed pretty trivial to just shot and win.

Ideally with game design you want some choices*, some risks that can pay off etc. The scenario doesn't really have much that seems to make a difference. When I'm fortifying a building there should be a choice here, I shouldn't be able to defend everywhere all the time in the next phase so the group should have to deliberately choose to armour some structures and defend others, and hope they hold out long enough to be killed.

The 'defend civilians' phases didn't seem to present much of anything. The civilians should try and move in say 3 groups which then bunch up when the whole thing narrows, but they should be spread out just enough you have to feel some tension and a need to rush to save one group or another.

*choices are overcome by execution and gear. If you 'normally' only have enough dps for 2/3 choices a really good team should be able to do 3/3 for example. On my first attempt with no idea what was happening our group easily managed 80% of objectives and none of that was an intentional tradeoff, it was just kinda random guessing and overpowering the enemies.
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# 24
10-18-2012, 04:31 AM
1st part: Telling people to go home. It is easy to do, doesn't take long and helps new players to learn their part of the map.

2nd part: Forifying buildings. After playing 3 times, It seems to me that some parts of the map are easier to fortify than others due to the distance between the buildings and the materials. Also, you can choose to fortify doors, windows or walls. Tbh, I'm not sure if it is better to fortify one thing or the other. Also, it seemed to me that no matter how many times you fortify something (the door, for instance) you can always keep choosing to fortify that. Not sure if that is intended.

3rd part: Evacuation to the shuttle landing zone. It is ok, but the romulans like to stop to rest a bit too much. I would reduce the "resting chance" on the romulan NPCs a bit.

4th part: Shuttles. Mostly works ok. As someone else said, some times I have seen other players leave the shuttle area thinking that they are finished and can go help other groups when they should wait for the incoming vampires.

In general, it was a fun experience.
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# 25
10-18-2012, 06:57 AM
Cross posted from the announcement thread:

Found a minor bug. At the LZ in the South West there was a Civilian left over at the end of the match:

I liked the mission for the most part. Not too happy that its basically a zombie fight, but the evac stuff was fantastic. I loved the smoke at the LZs; I was half expecting to see some Hueys come flying over the hills.
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# 26
10-27-2012, 06:37 PM
Overall, this was a very neat mission. I liked it a lot; very non-standard and had a lot of depth to it.

However, there were two things that REALLY bothered me - the delusion effects and the hold effects. The delusion effects seemed to keep coming up over and over, and that was very frustrating. The hold effects also came up too often. This was on top of having 8 ranks in Willpower. It makes me feel like my skill points were a waste - which is made even WORSE because the Mental Discipline trait's effects are so poorly documented, as is Willpower, in terms of how they really work (how much does +30 Confuse resistance give you? It's not a regular damage type, so there's no way to know). Frankly these type of moves are rather frustrating to deal with, both as mind control and in general, so enemies should be using them very rarely, if at all.

What's worse is just how long the effect lasted - my char with Peak Health was darn near drained completely dry. Adding frustration on top of another frustration. (Additionally with Star Trek canon likely allowing us to be briefed on these guys, you would think we'd at least know enough not to fall for delusions the salt vampires tried on us so easily - plus, being the Main Character I'd like to think most of us are pretty hardened against mind control)

Additionally, I think that better instruction is needed for new players. It took a bit to figure out what was going on the first time around, although it didn't help that it queued me into a mission that was already about a minute into the gameplay so I had to play catch-up.

Underground respawn points also need to be reconsidered - they seem like they're respawning too quickly. It might be better for them to stay gone but be considerably tougher.

As a note it's been a bit since I played this, so some of these may have changed, but please, devs, look into this and think about it. This is definitely a mission with a lot of promise, though at least the mind control effects might be frustrating enough to make me want to skip it.
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# 27
10-27-2012, 07:46 PM
I've never been able to get it to start, but I'll try again today. It needs at least 15 people in the queue.

I can haz joystick!
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# 28 Bugged spawn location
10-23-2013, 06:32 PM
Got into 2 Mine Trap runs tonight, both of them were a fail to me. The first one I spawned inside a building.../stuck did almost nothing, it moved my character the equivalent of 2 steps in game, but it kept me within the building's boundaries so I was still stuck. The second run I got into spawned me inside a building as well...the surprising thing was the fact that is was THE SAME BUILDING as the first time. Once again /stuck did nothing to help.

2 screen shots one before I used /stuck and one after I used /stuck. There were also a couple of times when the game wouldn't allow me to use /stuck and it recommended beaming up/aborting the mission, as well as requesting GM assistance 'as a last resort'...

The request assistance function was almost as much help as /stuck was to begin with, but it never got me to where I could actually REQUEST help. It just told me to use /stuck, gave a helpful little button to push that had the same effect as if I had typed it in the chat window...and gave the same results. It also recommended beaming up/aborting the mission.

I'm sorry but why am I going to abort from something that takes as long as Mine Trap does to queue for.

For that matter, if I'm in the mission there should be a better solution to getting stuck in a friggin building...How hard is it to adjust the spawn in locations so that they DON'T overlap any of the buildings? Or make it so /stuck actually moves you to a location where you wouldn't be STUCK. If there's anything that can be done it would be greatly appreciated, and I'm sorry if this post is in the wrong thread, I found the only one that seemed to on the topic that I was talking about. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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# 29
10-25-2013, 02:59 AM
Originally Posted by myulnir View Post
Yeah yeah Mine trap is bugged, but did you know this thread was made when it was being tested before release in 2012? Did you know the Tribble server is testing season 8 and Mine trap is not new to S8?

Anyway, good details on the bug report and sad to see you were stuck inside the building and the team suffered a leech ontop. I am glad they were understanding and didnt report you as well.
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