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10-26-2012, 03:42 AM
I played this with a pug yesterday and it went rather well.

Phase 1: Saving ships
I do think it would be possible to save all the ships if the group splits into to two,
with three people going clockwise and two people going counter clockwise.
Taking down the attacking group was very easy, I could do it on my own in my
Chimera (resto mode). We sort of split up and saved alternate ships, so we managed
to save 7/10. We were mostly escorts and a Wells though, so I could imagine this
to be rather difficult for a full cruiser team (as previously mentioned in this thread).

Phase 2: The web
I found this phase rather annoying. The widow fighters basically kept us in combat
throughout the phase. This meant that we often had no way to reach the Web Weavers
in time to take them down. The web ended up at 80%.

Phase 3: The flagship(s)
This phase was a simple burn phase for us, no challenge at all. I found it irksome that
the unnamed flagship spawned right in front of us, while the named one (which is
optional for some reason?) spawned quite a bit behind it. This meant that we took down
the unnamed flagship first and finished the mission, then went for the named flagship
while the leave map counter was counting down.

I think it would be better if the unnamed flagship was the optional, and the named one
the main goal, so that you don't end up in a group where three people click the leave
map button at once and the remaining two are left to do the optional (for example).
It also makes more sense to me that a named ship is the more important one.
As mentioned, the ships themselves were no match for us, but then again we were many
escorts. I will try to run this more times to try and get different group setups and see
how that works out.

Otherwise it was a fun little mission, and it rewarded me with 20 Romulan Marks, which
felt just about right for the effort
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Community Event: "The Vault: Ensnared" = Nov 2, 2012

Good Evening All,

I joined Brandon for his Event ....
"The Vault: Ensnared".
Great work! Excellent visuals and interactions. I found the capital ships to be ... balanced.
(cryptic : Do not change them)
The only glitch I found .... was in the Nebula ... the server stopped responding. It took me 8 trys to log back in .. trying both normal and safe log-in.
I was able to get back just in time (normal log-in) for plenty of action with my Team.

I also ran "The Hive" (ground) on normal. It was .. good.
My Team pushed as far as we could last. Very tough ... but welcomed. Have to plan strategy and balanced gear /Team.

Overall, Excellent work.
Fleet Admiral Cassity
Delta Fleet

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