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# 1 Unable to Transfer Character
02-13-2013, 03:39 AM
So I've recently got a new lockbox ship and I wanted to try it out on Tribble, but I can no longer transfer my character.

Anyone else having this problem or have any idea how to sole it?

Cheers in advance
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# 2
02-13-2013, 03:42 AM
If the character already exists on Tribble then it must be deleted first, then you can transfer. You may have also hit the character limit in Tribble.
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# 3
02-13-2013, 04:31 AM
I tried that, even with deleting the toon, it still won't transfer nor will it transfer any of my other characters.

EDIT: I've not hit the limit I don't think because I've got free character slots that I can use if I wanted to. Besides I've only got the one toon there.

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