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11-02-2012, 10:25 PM

Devs/programmers/code-hortas/protoplasmic blobs of goo/customer-service person... please bring back the PVE Queue #.

Thank you!
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11-03-2012, 12:36 AM
Originally Posted by red01999 View Post
I like the new PvE queue screen - it looks really nice.

However, can we see how many people are in queue again? It's nice to know so you aren't waiting for a half hour for enough people to pile up on some of the more unpopular events. I've also jumped between one or another because one had one space left before it started and the other was all but empty, and I've found this kind of information rather helpful.

Agreed. I want to know if a queue is filling up, or if I should just give up and go do something else.

It does look much improved, but please add the missing information back in.
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11-03-2012, 01:47 AM

1) Definitely need to re-add the number of players in the queue. I waited and waited to test and wasn't sure how many others were in there as well.

2) Queue Filter lists "EDC".

Keybind Problems:

Still have MAJOR Problems with the UI on the Ground, where Icons are not staying in their proper slots. So if I put in Hypos in Slot one and go to buff with a Tribble, I have to go to the Power Tray to redrag the Tribble to the window.

Also, the NumEnter and the Enter keys are no longer seperate, so previously when I was able to use the Num Enter to Jump and the Enter Key to chat, I no longer can do that and it's very frustrating since this is been my playstyle since Beta.

Player UI:

BOFF Page: Noticed the "Skittles" has been toned down, more acceptable, though I can't hardly see the colors in the Starfleet Delta.

And still wonder why some DOFFs aren't showing their rarity like my Purple Saurian is now common and my Liberated Borg is Common.


Foundry has it's own Tab, but it needs to not be sandwiched between the Missions and the In-Progress Tabs, it's annoying. Also be nice if the Foundry was put on the Front Page like the PvE and PvP missions, the Spotlight can be shown on that page instead.

Also, perhaps adding a "My Projects" Tab on the Foundry Page, where you can keep up with feedback without needing to go to the Foundry.

** Clicking on the Log Tab and tabs shifted to the Left, the Tabs vibrate to the degree it actually causes headaches.

Suggestion for Improvement:

On Universal BOFF Stations, have BOFFs in their Class colors so it's faster to ID them.
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11-03-2012, 02:03 AM
The new UI is nice but yes, you need to put back the amount of players in Queue.
If I don't see if the Queue is actually filling I probably get too impatient and leave again.
And often how many people are already queued is what makes me join in the first place.

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11-03-2012, 02:14 AM
/ Signed.

Please bring back the number of people currently waiting in the que.

It's very useful and makes me want to play a particular STF if I see enough people already there rather than not bothering to wait in a que blindly.

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11-03-2012, 04:16 AM
Agree with most of the comments: interface is slick and seeing what rewards each mission offers is good. The "average time" is a big help when there is limited time to play. Lots of people have complained of not being able to see how many peole in a queue or being able to join a PvE in progress that does not have all the allowable players - is it possible to add a "join any" option?
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11-03-2012, 05:37 AM
i totaly agree.
the pve queue looks realy nice but it will look better if u can see how many people r in line for a particular stf

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11-03-2012, 06:16 AM
I agree too, pls, bring back number of players.
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11-03-2012, 12:54 PM
agreed, i waited in queue for Space: Infected-Normal for 15 minutes with no launch, no idea if i was the only one queued or not. Hopefully this was an oversight and the number of queued players will be put back
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The new PVE Queue window, I will first say, looks much more helpful in seeing what we're queuing up for and looking for as far as rewards go.

However, unless I missed something, I can no longer see which queues are more popular or being signed up for. That is, I can no longer see if a group is forming for a particular queue or not. Like how it is right now on the live server, I can go through the queue list of not-yet-started queues and see that one is at 4/5 players, so I join it to fill it to 5/5 and start it. This is no longer possible, far as I can tell.

This was VERY helpful in determining whether I'd be joining a queue that would actually start or not, or whether I'd have to call out for others to join it to get it going.

So unless it's hidden somewhere, I'd ask for this to be re-added, especially before this is released onto the live server as it could get confusing quickly for those of us who relied on that when joining non-preformed queues.

And to clarify, I do NOT mean the "join existing" tab, as that's for queues already formed and active.

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