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I ran Into The Hive yesterday on the Tribble server and recorded some of it.

In the final room where you fight the Queen. Twice in the video she fell off the edge of the platform and her health went to zero but she was still alive and unable to return to her alcove. All characters dying and therefore resetting the room will return her to her alcove.

This was Into The Hive on elite.  1388936372
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10-16-2012, 01:56 PM
I played Into the Hive on normal last night and someone in the team got disconnected and when they logged back into the game it spawned them all the way at the beginning of the level. Annoying, yes, but what's worse is it made the level impossible to complete because of the force fields that come up between sections. I had everyone in the match relog and when we all came back we were at the beginning of the level as well and the force field wouldn't drop.

Also several times during the fight with the queen when players died and respawned inside the force field barriers in the corners of the room if more than one person spawned inside one the game would kill one of them instantly and make them respawn again.

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