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15.10.12: It's not theft, it's liberation


UI changes: No real bugs noted, mostly some (very welcome) cosmetic changes

Azure Nebula mission:

Oh wow, that nebula is pretty.

No obvious bugs noted as such, although I did manage to get hooked up on the asteroids at one point. Easy enough to unhook and get mobile again though (pilot error).

Would be nice to have visibility of captured ship markers increased - currently feels like the 'fog of war' is getting in the way of deciding which ship to go for next.

New music? Props to the sound team either way.

Mission seems reasonably balanced between brute force 'kill 'em all' approach and 'distract and release' tactics, depending on what ships you have available.

Perhaps change the mission a little, moving the Romulan ships into the Tholian drydock and requiring players to disable the web generators rather than the present setup (makes better use of the asteroid base assets).
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