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10-17-2012, 08:32 PM
Originally Posted by totallyrolled View Post
LOl as much as I think Softie is a noob who the hell are you to tell people to stay out of productive conversation. Oh that's right you are in the arrogant I can do anything I want pandas. My bad.
Well put.

I don't know Softie or naz or bloop, doop, derp, nor herp. I just saw someone ordering someone else not to post in an open forum when all the offending person did was attempt to provide a commonly accepted answer to the question at hand. An answer that, may I remind, J-Man himself confirmed.

This Softie fellow may indeed have offended community members in other forums threads, but no such offensive language was present in any of his comments on this thread. The only thing many of us saw was several unwarranted and arrogant sounding posts commanding this guy to stop posting in the thread.

Yes this is the internet, but civility in an open discussion is still a possibility that one should at least make an attempt to strive for.

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