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I have new sci trill joint who has a quin raptor and bortasqu.
I'm looking for guide to build these two ship for Pvp.
I read this http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/showpost.php?p=5723991&postcount=2 but I didn't find any information for Qin raptor and Bortasqu.
Anyone can give me some link, webpage or tips either, please? I'm not afraid reading docs.
Thanks in advance.
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10-17-2012, 07:13 AM
Both ships are kind of odd fits for a Sci, the Raptor because it has a turn point like a wonky spinning plate and the Borta because the word "turn" doesn't exist in its vocabulary.

Of the two, I want to say the Borta is a better choice because non-BoP Sciscorts aren't in a great spot, but someone far more knowledgeable might offer another opinion.

vids and guides and stuff

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10-17-2012, 07:24 AM
I recommend you invest a little bit of EC and buy a mirror qin raptor. Then you can use the Patrol Escort build from http://hilbertguide.com on it.

(Of course you can also use it with minor alterations on the regular raptor, but this means wasting the tac ens slot.)
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10-17-2012, 07:33 AM
I'd stay away from the Bortasqu for a Sci PvP player. The turnrate is just too slow combined w/the inertia to really be effective at applying SNB and other Sci abilities when you need them.

Brel is better than Qin for Boff layout versatility and the abiity to use Sci abilities cloaked.

Karfi is a solid option for Sci.

There are Lotto and The vet ship options as well.

16 hull is low, but the Fleet raider w/Commander 2x lt commander may be ok, it'd be more feasible w/ebc tbh.
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10-18-2012, 12:20 AM
If you have the acces to the veteran reward ship, that's also an option. It has the power of a raptor with the 3rd aft weapon, and it has the battle cloak and semi free boff layout, which gives you lot of freedom to design a nice build which tastes you well.
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10-18-2012, 06:26 AM
To make a stock Raptor turn properly you will have to iether stack some RCS consoles on it or run a twin ApO set-up. Otherwise her nose is too slow to bring forward weapons to bear on target quickly enough.

I would suggest the new GV destroyer (1000 vet ship) or buying a Fleet Raptor or Destroyer.
I really like the Fleet Somraw Raptor. Turns well and has that extra Engineer Ensign for the shields or heals.

Any number of builds are possible and the most effective may be the (3) DHCs and (1) Torpedo up front with Turrets in back.
I personally use the old old standby of (2) DHCs, (1) DBB and (1) torpedo with a HY2, BO2, CRF3 set-up and ran (2) turrets and Tricobalt mine launcher in back.

My Fleet Somraw set-up looked like thus;
TT1 BO2 ApO1

(2) Damage Control DOffs
(1) Warp Core Engineer DOff
(2) Shield Distributon DOffs

My old QIn looked like this;

(2) Damage Control DOffs
(1) Warp Core Engineer DOff
(2) Shield Distributon DOffs

As to BortasQu builds. Use the Science version as it has the best console layout and the added bonus of Sensor Analysis for added damage overtime.
It is a slow beast though and you will need Engine Batteries and Dueteurium for quick movement.

I used an unorthodox build for it;

BO1 ApD1

(7) Polaron Beam Arrays
(1) Tricobalt Torpedo launcher

basically a heal/support and sustained DPS build. Find an Escort, saddle up to them with ES or a heal, attack thier target with rotating BO1/ApD1 with EptW or a WeapBatt when needed to offset drain.

You could also try this from the Gates of Stovokor. a KDF hybrid of the Hilbert guide.
Its old now, so the skills section may be off but the principles for the builds are still somewhat sound.
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