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10-17-2012, 04:59 PM
It's hard to take you seriously because each of your posts is more confusing than the last. Are you claiming that someone is masking their identity in the combat log or something? Why would they bother when the process of elimination (i.e. everyone else who was named) would tell you exactly who they were anyway?

vids and guides and stuff

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10-17-2012, 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by robuille View Post
Disclaimer - none of this said with an attitude.

My expected that in posting this I'd be getting a lot of assumptions from readers that I am inexperienced and whining.

This is not the case.

I do not wish to share my build with the whole forum either. So instead of giving a blow by blow how to make my ship..., here are some stats I can list.

In combat space with 125/95 power to weapons, my three fleet dual heavy cannons do 2062 damage, 1374 dps unbuffed. With a tac team, attack pattern alpha + omega 3, go down fighting, tac fleet, and two Hamlet Conn Officers each dual heavy cannon does 4501 damage, 3000.1. Each weapon I possess is a fleet weapon with the [acc] proc.

I have acc and elusive for passives. full points in attack patterns, projectile weapons, several in energy spec and projectile spec, full in targeting sys and maneuvers, more than enough in weap perform and full in electroplasma sys..., oh yeah and weapons training is full. I think we can agree that these are the core essentials in damage output. Indeed nothing lacking there. my torps do 5657 unbuffed and over 12k buffed.

that said I put out in raw data pre-contact with enemy vessel somewhere over 20k/sec avg within the first 5 seconds of opening volley. the next 10 seconds after sees about 15k/sec.

And I'm not factoring in crit.

Also factor in my use of DEM and a fully sensor spec'd Fire on My Mark.

That should be enough information to validate credibility.

Now for said targets that I've reported.

First off, forget the "invincibility cheat" for a moment and lets address the scrubbed names of alleged offenders from the combat log. I've fought a group of players and recorded the combat logs from the beginning of the match. A simple thing you can do by using the command: /CombatLog 1. Now here's an example of what the players register in the log as...

[Combat (Team)] an unknown entity deals 266 (533) Phaser Damage to **** with Phaser Array.

[Combat (Team)] an unknown entity deals 309 (617) Phaser Damage to **** with Phaser Array.

[Combat (Team)] an unknown entity deals 823 (1647) Tetryon Damage to **** with Dual Heavy Tetryon Cannons - Scatter Volley III.

[Combat (Team)] an unknown entity deals 910 (1821) Tetryon Damage to **** with Dual Heavy Tetryon Cannons - Scatter Volley III.

[Combat (Team)] an unknown entity deals 700 (1400) Tetryon Damage to **** with Dual Heavy Tetryon Cannons - Scatter Volley III.

The * are blocking out the name of the person being attacked by the hacker so as to follow forum rules. Mind you, I have the name and @ handle of the person otherwise known as "unknown entity" and watched him attack **** and though all of the players on our team show in the combat logs when we fart sneeze or cough, this particular player always registers as "an unknown entity".

Now I have to ask..., how is that? Every honest player registers for any action with their character name. Yet this team had multiple players whose identity is masked. The same players that are flying defiants that are impervious to hull damage.

I obviously can't and won't post the whole combat log, but it doesn't read anywhere close to what a normal combat log looks like with honest players.

This has been an essay so I'm done for now. It may be easy or even fun for this community to look down your noses and assume the poster is a lackwit. I'm writing because something is terribly broken. And broken enough that players are disguising themselves in combat logs to evade being caught breaking the user agreements. I truly feel it is ruining the integrity of the game and I was hoping for someone to look at this post and take it seriously instead of trolling the poster.
Fyi, there's a toon out there w/the name of unknown entity iirc. I'm assuming it's not his toon's name in this case. I do see the odd use of unknown entity in logs not sure I've seen it replace a player's name b4 tbh. Was the player buffed w/an unusual ability at the time?

Also, I prefer to use GDF after I'm at low hull.

I didn't notice a cannon boff buff listed on your part. Anyway there are ships that can eat a full alpha from more than 1 escort if built to do so.

Unless you're using a Vet ship in Tac mode, you're better off trying Acc+2 or higher weapons in PvP.

FoMM is cleared by TT, did you make sure it wasn't up?

Edit: Also, was there name something a language filter may not let through if you have it running?

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10-17-2012, 05:05 PM
Were you sporting a double cursor at the time? I've seen things like that when I end up with the double cursor - including the missing name. My sync has gone to Hell - sometimes I get hit like I'm naked - sometimes tric's tickle. I'll leave the match at that point and restart the client to fix it...

...from the sound of it though, that doesn't sound like what's happening in your case. Yet, could it be something that somebody is exploiting in their favor as such?
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10-17-2012, 05:11 PM
Originally Posted by robuille View Post
-snip- (sorry but it's too long to reasonably quote)
Ok a couple things first off:

-I understand you're unwillingness to share your build to avoid *******s, however there are some people who are genuinely willing and trying to help people in these forums, so if you feel that you need help then please feel free to PM me on the forums or in the game (my main is listed in my signature) and we can talk.

-Secondly (into the explanations now), Fleet advanced weapons are extremely poor for PvP due to their modifiers being [Dmg]x3 and Crtwhatever. In PvP Accuracy is king because you need to overcome the extreme defense scores that some ships have (Accuracy negates defense and defense determines the likelihood for your to be hit by another player). Chances are extremely good that you're missing your target a LOT.

-Thirdly, DEM is currently broken so that it does not interface properly with Rapid Fire

-Forth, you're running 3 forward DHCs, so you either have a torp or a DBB for the 4th slot to serve as spike. You need to include your aft weapons as well in your damage calculations (yes having 3 turrets aft makes one hell of a difference in the long run). If you have no aft turrets or very few aft turrets then that means that the only real damage that you're doing comes from the DHCs and that's just not enough.

-Fifth, player shield resists play a very significant role in slowing down any incoming damage. While many players differ on their power settings, the average person would run shields in the range of 50 power, and if you spec it properly then they have a real score in the mid-70s giving them natural shield resists in the region of 22-27% damage resists depending on the particulars.

Add in a Single Emergency Power to Shields 1 and that's plus another 18% (plus power additions bringing real total to around 50% resists right there), then tac on a Transfer Shield Strength 1(or 2) and that's another ~10% depending on Aux power and you're up to ~60% resists, then add in on top of that that a specific shield might have +resists to your damage type and that's another 20% damage resists right there.

Top all that off with a defensive Tac Team for shield redistribution and players can seem invincible, but the reality is that they are topped out on their resists and all you can do is either wait it out and survive them, or hope you got a SNB on your team to get rid of their stuff.

Support a KDF equivalent to the Vesta Here

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10-17-2012, 05:44 PM
Ok, I understand the Accx3, I have that on another ship..., and I am aware of how extra Acc can not only assure 100% shot connection, but also add to crit chance and severity if it exceeds your target's defense value. I know what counters what. And I'm telling you guys..., I'm not talking about trying to shoot down cruisers loaded with armor consoles..., I'm talking about attempting to shoot down defiants, bop's, etc. i.e. low hitpoint low sustainability ships that can take more hits than an elite tactical borg cube. and these same players that I'm doing damage to are the ones whose names are masked in combat logs so there isn't a record of that particular character doing the mathematically impossible..., I don't know what else to say..., this is a legitimate plea for someone to just look into a possible fraudulent trend that seems to be growing. take it with a grain of salt, or take it seriously..., it's your choice, but if there are people out there slowly destroying the integrity of the game you love to play..., wouldn't you err on the side of caution and just check it out to see if there is a problem?

I'm sorry if the combat log was confusing but the forums are clear that we are not allowed to name other characters in our posts. The "****" section of the log was where I censored the name of the person being attacked..., as is only right to follow the rules of the forum.

The main focus of that combat log was "UNIDENTIFIED ENTITY", the person who was using some sort of hack to evade leaving his name on evidence of hacking.

All I want is a response from a game official to explain either that it is a problem, or there's some misunderstanding and the issue has something to do with an glitch/exploit/I don't know, whatever..., but I've been asking about this in the GM section for a while and now I want people to know that whatever it is that is happening..., it's happening and maybe this post will get people to look out for it. And maybe they'll find a legitimate explanation..., or maybe it truly is a trend in hacking the game that needs to be put down.

If the GM's won't respond to just one person..., maybe a few more people investigating and reporting it will get a response.

Ps. In all sincerity, stop offering me help with my build..., I know how to measure how each skill point in each skill box effects each stat in the game..., I have 30 characters just so I could test out each and every combination of each and every stat/gear/equipment..., this isn't bragging, it's a compulsion of mine to find, test and analyze everything I can get my hands on. If you're condescending..., I don't care..., your breath is wasted. If you're trying to help..., thank you..., but please tell me something that isn't easily measured in game..., I've already measured it.
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10-17-2012, 06:07 PM
I've seen the unknown thingy pop up in logs now and then, never really though much of it. I've always though it might be some console powers, pets, or something that doesn't get recorded correctly.

In all seriousness...no one is probably going to believe you.
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10-17-2012, 06:11 PM
piloting is an extremely necessary asset for pvp in this game.

you have been going on and on about gear and stuff. i play with mkX blue accx2 weapons and mkX maco shields with 3 pc borg. in a defiant.

and i'm telling you. sometimes, a person can be outfitted with the best gear and still perform poorly. with just that listed above, i tank 3 players easy. and spike kill nightly on players that i recognize, and ones that i don't.

i have never seen any evidence of anyone hacking the game like what you are describing.

what i have seen are gigantic gaps in piloting skill and timing.

have fun kill bad guys
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10-17-2012, 06:20 PM
I'm also sure there are exploiters... Ran into a fleet tactical escort refit running EptS 3 last night, from a well known fleet, they had the audacity to tell me it was Tss 3.

To the post at hand, the unknown entity thing is peculiar but I'm not sure it's an indication of a hack. Many of us in PvP land after 900 day can build a near invincible ship, no hax required.

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10-17-2012, 06:34 PM
Noe that doesn't make any sense....TSS3 would also be incorrect for a defiant, so they admitted to cheating, you just had the wrong cheat!
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10-17-2012, 06:38 PM
unknown entities have always been around in combat logs, that is not something new. I have heard that when the sync is not proper, the log displays people as 'unknown entity'.

This itself is not enuff to accuse people of cheating. It would be helpful to get a clarification by cryptic what those 'unknown entities' really are - i do not say that there are no cheater/exploiters around, but one cannot base this alone on the 'unknown entity' in the combat log. I wouldn't be surprised if people having combat logs with you being the 'unknown entity'.

It might also be that there are people who 'mask their id' in that way because they cheat, sadly this is very hard to prove. I recommend being very careful with accusing people of cheating or exploiting without solid proof.

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