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# 1 Into The Hive Nightmare
10-17-2012, 04:00 PM
Okay, where to start with this one...

Round 1.

We all got in after much patching and everything was looking good. First time running the mission so it was a little rough with all the screams of death and XXX's bedazzlement of the green floor...shortly before he was electrocuted by it. So we just killing Borg, dying allot and having a blast. Unfortunately, I had to go AFK for a few minutes during all this fun. I get back and my computer had unfortunately gone and done a 'Cryptic' and crashed. So like usual for anyone who has a D/C, I log back in thinking I will just end up back with the team and carry on. Ohhh no said Cryptic. It put me back in the start room where we had originally beamed in. And I thought, ok, I'll just run through and rejoin the team. And no. There was a forcefield in the hallway that no matter what I shot, no matter what I pressed, would not let me through. So while I'm stuck behind the forcefield, I hear my team mates screams of agony as the bug zerg rush continued on. Even the cool smooth voice of 'Captain Branagan' was starting to crack at this point and you know things are bad when that happens! On an interesting side note, placing my back to the forcefield, I could beam in my security the otherside of the forcefield. Of course, they just stood there listening to the screams of death and promptly beamed out! So we all decided the situation was hopeless, time to beam out and try again...

Round 2.

PVE queue system decided that it didn't like us anymore. It would keep not adding people properly to the match, no matter who set it up. And of course, when we finally got the whole team on the list, the start button did a little magic button and promptly disappeared into the night...

Round 3.

By this point, we were all frazzled and if a Cryptic employee had come into our vent chat to ask how it was all going, I imagine there was a chance bits of his body would have been found strewn everywhere the following morning looking like a frenzied rabid dog attack had occurred. Nevertheless, we are Ausmonauts! We pushed on. Thinking, third time's the charm hey? So the PVE queue system decided that it was done with its nervous breakdown and finally allowed us to enter the mission. So far, so good. Until we hit the same forcefield that had stopped me in the Round 1......

So by this point, the group consensus was

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