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Ok I'm finally starting to play my KDF toon instead of it being just a contraband generator. Im looking for an active fleet who are midway in development.

Here's what I bring to the table:

- Lvl 50 Active player, experienced in builds, STF's, NWS etc
- Completed all reps
- Team oriented, willing to help other train, level and of course grind
- Willing to work for access (no issues in balanced donations, especially doffs)
- Very willing to be active in your community
- Respect for others (no tolerance for intolerance)
- Daily player

Here's what I don't bring to the table:

- Not big on the role-playing side but not intolerant of others who do
- Right now my KDF is built out for PvE only, but willing to learn
- Sorry, but I'm not interesting in helping a smaller, inactive fleet or personal bank. Been there, done that.

What I'm looking for:

- Active KDF Fleet; T4
- T3 Embassy, Dil mine
- Firm set of requirements; what I need to donate and expectations.

PM me ingame, or drop a line here so I can check out your site, requirements.


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