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finished the mission on our first try. its not a bad mission but i have to say, it wasnt that good. too short and not much to do (compared to infected where it can take quite some time until you finished the mission). i would like to have some missions with more different things to do. the other PvE queue missions are too linear as well. I miss the times when we were sitting there for 90 minutes to finish an STF (when both ground and space were still together). The borg queen doesnt really look like a borg queen compared to the movies. I understand, that there are some years past but still, it doesnt really feel like a borg queen. That woman in infected feels more like here but why not just make her exactly like in the movies? I want to have that star trek feeling again (which i dont really have anymore since there is so much that was different or didnt exist in star trek). I just wish it was a bit more canon and we would see things that we actually know from the movies. I am really looking forward into season 7 but i have to say, that i was more exited when i was on tribble for season 6. Well, i just wait and see what else is coming onto tribble. I am a dev as well and understand, that there is a lot of work involved so dont take this offensive in any way, its just what i think as player at the moment.

Another thing.. i noticed that now i can see who of my BOFFs is rare,very rare and so on. What is the difference else than the start abilities of my BOFFs? is there anything else? Any reason i should change all to very rare even if i am happy with my current powers?
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Very-Rare Boffs have 2 x 'Superior' traits and some (including Uncommon and Rare) have harder-to-get abilities such as Aux2SIF3 for Engineering.
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i just got some idea.. you guys at cryptic brought up this cool "let the user design the ship" contest with the enterprise f. why dont you also make a contest for a mission story or even story line? i know you have your hands full at the moment but it would be cool. there is the foundry of course but those missions are often different in what you pull up there in terms of technique.
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