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Hi and welcome to The Holder Order Of The Sacred Tribble. We are a casual fleet, started by a small group of friends who just wanted to get together and do the events and build towards a fine looking shrine for the Tribbles! We are looking for active players for PVE, STF's and general run through of the game. Also of course have a sense of humour folks. We have members from different time zones mainly Europe and North America.
As the Holy Tribbles say, Live long and prospurrr!!!

Here is information on how to get in touch with us and apply to join to the fleet.

New Forum: host.boards.net (You can apply here if you feel like or if we are not online.)

You can send personal messages to:
  • Kakarot@wazzybutterballs
  • Sam@samsonhalfzware
  • Danixal@BigDanTheViking
  • Tank@Tank66469

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for taking the time to check us out!
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10-18-2012, 04:04 PM
Im a member of this fleet and i can honestly say its a good fleet with a solid core of players,
though were not a huge fleet we have acheived a lot with our starbase.

New members are always welcome and if they need help with missions or advice there is always help available if you ask for it.
we have lvl 50 players and also lower levels we dont discriminate due to your level.
Due to our helping nature and our sense of humor we have been growing nicely, without activly recruiting.

The fleet isnt new, its been around since FTP went live and is made up of FTP players, lifetimers and old pre FTP players along with some gold players, we have been active through the whole time and havent faded away and gone inactive like some fleets have.

We also run the occasional competitions within the fleet with prizes available for the winner sometimes the prizes are ones where your sense of humor is definatly going to be needed, at other times it might even be a ship or such like.

We also have a ventrillo server available for members to use.

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