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10-19-2012, 02:38 PM
Originally Posted by hanover2 View Post
To be honest, the majority of the space "sets" are useless to me, because starting a season or 3 back, the missions you need to obtain them (Reman, Breen, etc.) were restricted to at or near-endgame ranks. Makes more sense to me to have a "set" to work for at every rank, but what do I know?

That's largely how the Jem'Hadar set works. you can get it at whatever your current rank is, assuming you meet the minimum mission rank.

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My point is, if you want those things to have any "collector" appeal, there should be a set you can obtain at LC, then a CMDR set, then a Captain set, RA set, and then when you hit VA you can get down and boogie with stuff like MACO and OMEGA. Letting the Reman, Breen, Jemmie, etc sets compete with them is not a recipe for popularity.
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10-19-2012, 02:47 PM
While I'm happy that the STF sets are getting another balance pass I'd be grateful if the Aegis, Breen, Reman and Jem'Hadar got a hard look.

As for the MACO set, from a PvP perspective, the damage from the heavy graviton beam is far too low. To get the most use from it a player has to max particle generators, sunspace decompiler, and flow capacitors. That's a serious investment in points for a beam that takes too long to fire. A sliver of shields means your damage is cut in half.

You're better off dropping trico mines. As you'll do more damage with less point investment and still cause 1 hit instapops.

The ability needs a damage buff, not more ways to make your opponent helpless. In a game where killing your opponent (PvE or PvP) is the only way to "win", abilities that force your opponent to sit there while you widdle them away only makes other people frustrated (NPCs don't care).

The 2 piece bonus... Maybe a ship class specific +xx% bonus?
IE cruisers would get a +20 to energy weapons, but escorts would get a +20 to shield systems and science ships would get a +20 to whatever skill they need most...

We already see this sort of ship specific bonuses with some other sets. This could be a good way to allow players to customize outside of their given ship role.
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Originally Posted by darkenzedd View Post
Um its balance, just like you said regarding the borg set. You cannot argue the balance card and then call hax when a balance decision does not meet your criteria
Actually, my argument is that both the changes to the Borg set and these changes are pointless dev tinkering (and splitting into multiple sets and ranks) purely to pad out the new reputation system.

Where, may I ask - in any of this do you see new content?
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Not a fan of cross faction sets. At least limit it to 2 part bonus @ most.

Not a fan of giving the KHG 3 part an AoE BC. Seriously, you want Jems to have a BC bonus? The Time Ships? etc. I only play KDF btw. Not to mention a couple of Fed Fleet ships rotating to hide their suprior Escorts/Sci Boat/Repair Cruisers.

Tet glider isn't under powered. Also, individually the gear is among the best in the game for escorts/raiders/destroyers and even Tac DPS Cruisers.

The 3 part Omega bonus is fine a team can chain the ability on targets.

3 part Maco, sorry but dropping 3 subsystems is OP imo.

As far as suggestions leave Omega as is as far as set bonuses. If you want to buff anything make the shields resiliant.

2 part KHG is fine it boosts aux, crew survival and torp damage.

For 3 part KHG I'd say a basic small AoE defensive boost to fit the hit and run playstyle. While you're at it make the Eninges Hyper Impulse to fit the hit and run faction. You can't run for squat w/the KHG Engines even w/Evasives and Engine Battery. AoE MES is too weak, AoE BC is too strong.

For 2 part MACO leave as is. Look at the Eninge or Deflector specs if you need.

For 3 part leave as is. Knock back is helpful vs turtling repair teams as well as the power drain. If you want have it add a 10 sec cloak prevention.


To elabortate on glider @ 109 Flow Caps near max weapons power it's listed @~35 shield damage/hit. That's 35*4 facings*4 shots fired*7 weapons = 3920 free damage every normal volley (granted it's a lower w/weapon drain). But, it's always on and most builds can maintain 90+weapons power at worst. Compare that to resisted Sci Boff abilities like CPH and Tach Beam which have cooldowns and take up Boff slots.

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I don't know, but having a MACO Mk XII shield equivalent will be something my KDF toons enjoy...
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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
I don't know, but having a MACO Mk XII shield equivalent will be something my KDF toons enjoy...
I'm sure you see nothing wrong w/Jems using an AoE BC either ...
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Sounds fine to me... don't like that it sounds like you won't have access to the other sides faction sets until you likely grind for 3 months though, that sounds sort of like BS to me.

The AOE Mask think on the KHG 3 piece... sounds fine to me with in reason... would need a testing I think... due to energy weapon cycles I doubt people would be masked for long firing regular cannons, and beams... perhaps I could see a team rolling these firing nothing but overloads... but still don't see it as being overpowered... like I say testing required. Doesn't sounds game breaking right away though. Would also like to know how it effects pets though... I mean if you can mask 2 or 3 siphen drone carriers and the drones then its complete and utter junk.
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It doesn't sound like a big deal really, maybe a minor Klink-side buff (MACO is going to be real annoying on power drainers, though it's not like they aren't dumb enough already).

I can also see the AoE BC being strong in the right hands, but at the same time there are probably good counters.

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