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Hi, I'm looking to join a Fleet, but before this thread is overflowed with adverts, please read through what else I ask before posting.
Although I have a character who is a Vice Admiral (50) I still count myself as a newbie and feel I have a lot to learn. My newest character is the one I will be joining a Fleet with and as I have only just started playing on that slot, she is only a Lieutenant (8) I will of course continue playing and level up. (I decided to begin a new character because I prefer the Engineering career to science and I also haven't got all the way through the episodes yet)
I have no way of chatting via voice and am not looking to buy anything that will enable me to do so. I have no problem if everyone else is or not, I just wont be, and hope that people won't badger me to do so. I can and will type on the chat however.
I would like people to be friendly and helpful and open to helping me learn more about the STO universe. I watch and have watched every series of Star Trek except DS9 but I know this universe is a little different.
I also ask that I won't be required to purchase much or do too much for the fleet. I have seen this question asked by several people on the forums and many fleets have replied that they do not ask anything of their members. I just want to play and have a good time with people who enjoy playing star trek online.
I enjoy PVP and PvE although I have played more of PvE and would love any help to get my latest character to level up so I can get the ships, equipment etc. that come with reaching that level!
I have long working hours and can only play during the evenings on weekdays and often although not always many hours of the weekends. I'm in the UK so please bear this in mind.
One last thing, and I apologise for what could be seen as a ramble, I have never been in a Fleet before so I do not really know what it entails, but I will leave if I find or feel I'm being taken advantage of for this fact.
Thank you all in advance: Mira800

P.s. Don't expect me to get back to you asap, or even at all, this is too see what's out there... and hopefully find a fleet worth joining!!

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You can join my fleet if you like, we are UK based and we would be happy to help you. We do have voice chat servers but we do not require you to go on it because we know some people just don't like to talk over the net. Just send me a mail in game to Kakarot@wazzybutterballs and I will hook you up dude.
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10-20-2012, 03:14 PM
I invite you to check out the 44th. Casual, age 18+.

- We have both US and EU players.
- We have voice (Teamspeak) available, but it is not required. Some do not have a mic, so will just 'listen', and respond by typing in chat. It's mainly used for running team missions like STFs. btw, the software is free.
- No game time requirements to remain in the fleet. We do require you to log in to STO at least once a month in order to qualify for a promotion.
- Lots of experienced players to help with advice.
- No mandatory starbase contributions. And whatever you decide to contribute, if any, is appreciated.
- We will have a T4 shipyard completed in 3 days, and already have a T3 fabricator. And we got lots of provisions. That means you can buy most of the fleet ships (except the top tier ones), and elite ground weapons.
- KDF alt fleet available.

The only thing we DO ask is that all characters on the same account join the fleet. We do not permit 'multi-fleeting' (ie one character joining us, and another joining a different fleet) as this tends to create drama, conflict of interest, and a host of other potential issues.

Just post an intro on our forums if you would like to join. Or send me a PM if you have questions.
Come join the 44th Fleet.

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10-21-2012, 10:46 PM
Thanks for your suggestions all, I've joined section 31 and it's great so far.

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