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07-04-2014, 12:26 PM
Hi Folks,
I would like to present a new alliance channel called Echelon Network, Our goal is to create a network of allied fleets. For what purpose? Well we try to create a social environment where you can ask for other members to do STF’s , PVP or just if you want to chat. We appreciate all the help anyone can offer. So if you want to help set up this channel please reply or pm me in game.

- Anyone can join the Echelon Network.
- Looking for players that are interested in becoming admins.
- Looking for Fleet Leaders that are willing to join.
- It doesn’t matter if you are part of a small fleet or a big fleet.
- By joining this channel you are acknowledging a alliance with the fleets that are apart it. The choice is yours on how active the alliance is between fleets.
- The channel is only is doorway for possible alliances.

How can i join?

Go to chat settings, then type ''Echelon Network'' and press Join.

Fleet Leader
Echelon Division

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