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As the title says, can someone recommend an economical fit for a long range science vessel that will allow me to successfully complete missions on advanced or elite? I'm a new player, so I don't have a lot of resources to spend.

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Omega deflector ( Borg sucks now)
Omega engine ( Borg sucks now)
MACO shield

Weapons duel beams front x3
Turrets rear x3

Cons go for full tank ablative con in the sci section
Go with what ever eng defense cons you can afford
Sci go with shield cap
Tact what ever weapons our using
If you run the Borg cons(you should) put it in eng or sci section

Abilities go with GW3, TR2, HE2, and any shield heal
After that's its really up to you just make sure you have at least 1 BO in your tact section
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By cons, do you mean consumables?
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I wasn't aware of this, but I should have mentioned I'm only level 30, so I can't run STF's yet.
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Take a look at this one

Intrepid Retrofit, Death by Science

NCC 93270

U.S.S. Knoxville



-2x Any Dual Beam Bank

-1x Quantum Launcher


-2x Beam Arrays (type matching fore weapons)

-1x Chroniton Mine Launcher (alternates: Quantum, Plasma, or Tricobalt Device Launcher)




---High Yield 2

---Beam Overload 1

-(alternate is to flip them)



---EPtS 1

---RSP 1


---Eng Team 1

---EPtS 2



---Sci Team 1

---TSS 2

---Tachyon Beam 3

---CPB 3

-Lt. Cmdr

---Tractor Beam 1

---HE 2

---TR 2


---Jam Sensors 1

General Strategy:

Recommended Base Power Settings: 75/50/25/50

With this setup your ship is built to melt the shields right off the strongest shield tank with barely a shot fired, and keep them down while you pound them into submission.

The power settings are set up along the lines of what I simply refer to as: Good Enough. You reach a point in solo play where your science abilities are strong enough that you can move to another subsystem (namely weapons) and give them the boost that they need. By doing so, and augmenting your power levels with skill spec and default Sci Ship Aux boosts, you'll give yourself a solid Aux rating along with solid shield, weapons and engines. They are all good enough for killing, and you don't over-commit to one thing so much that you are ineffective elsewhere.

Ideally, starting at 11-12k from the target, you buff up and pop either Science Fleet or Science Team to improve your abilities (whichever is applicable at the time) and pop an Aux battery if you are able. Fire your tachyon beam to begin hurting your target's shields; load up target subsystem Shields (or Engines if the first is on cooldown) and hit them with it; fire your TR 2 to keep power levels down; hit them with CPB 3; followed by tractor beam to lock them in place with the Tyken's then let loose with High Yield and Beam Overload once it's up.

Keep dropping chroniton mines so that they can't maneuver well and try to keep your speed low so that you can constantly bring your Tachyon Beam to bear. If you decide not to use Chronitons you could use Quantum mines for punch, plasma for the dot, or a Tricobalt Launcher for a single shot punch (the Tricobalt mine is not recommended due to the long activation period of the mine).

You're constantly crippling their shields, and when they try to out buff your stripping, hit them with SNB and when they pop RSP use only your kinetics and anti-shield measures. If you don't get lucky on the first pass or two then he'll eventually drown in his inability to keep his shields up for any significant amount.

Slow and inevitable death = Death by Science

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