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Alright, so all of us Foundry Authors have seen those crummy reviews (sometimes one star) on our missions that when you look at the review you think, duh I have no control over that, I don't deserve this review. Most of these reviews that authors don't necessarily deserve are most likely from non-foundry author players. Players who have never looked into the Foundry tool to see what it can do tend to make reviews based on just what they think a Foundry mission can do.

My question is, what are some tips people and authors can come up with when it comes to reviewing Foundry missions as someone who is not a Foundry Author?

Example: Players can't control rewards and authors know that, but some players don't.
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10-19-2012, 04:40 PM
My Tip :

Realize that we are working with a very limited tool set in regards to anything resembling a game feature. Weigh story somewhat more heavily in your ratings.
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10-21-2012, 08:15 PM
Foundry authors can not change or choose music for our missions.
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10-21-2012, 08:28 PM
We can't nerf a whole mission for one player
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Understand also that some people will love whatever you put out, i'm not a foundry author but also don't do STFs or PvP and i love all you foundry authors because honestly you're one of the few things that keep me in game. I've tried to use the foundry and I just can't seem to get how it works. Your hard work and dedication is very appreciated by me, the foundry missions are some of the most "star trek" feeling missions in this game which has become so far removed from canon. For some of use "perfection" isn't required we'll fill in the blanks with our own imagination. Its rotten that people don't give you all 5 stars and 100 dilithium for giving back to the community no matter what you submit to the community. If people don't like your submissions they should try to do better before giving you a negative review. Your not given the support from Cryptic that you deserve, hopefully that will get better going forward. But please know some of us, live for the next foundry mission. Its unfortunate that there will always be people who don't appreciate your efforts, but there are some of us who do.


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In general I would tell people please be constructive.

It does me no good as an author to hear "Your mission sucks." But if I hear "Your mission has X plot hole" or "X didn't work for me" then I can - if I choose - go and fix it and so make a better experience for you should you choose to replay it and anyone else who plays that mission.

If you're going to leave a review, please give me the tools to address what you didn't like. If its going to be too long for the review space, please send me an in-game mail. The more detailed a review, the better. Just ask anyone who has gotten an in-depth review from evil70th.
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One review that stuck in my mind was a guy telling me that the final boss in my mission was too hard. I actually managed to get him to explain why by sending him an ingame mail. His issue was that he sucked at ground AND had trash ground gear. Also what he thought was the final boss.... was just a miniboss.

I had to send him a mail because he didn't mention which of the maps he was on when he got annihilated by the AIs.

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10-23-2012, 02:31 AM
Call me a jerk for this, others have, but my reviewing advice for non-authors is don't. I would really like a system where you had to publish a mission to have public reviewing privileges.

It's not like you have to be a gold member or pay in any way to access the tool. The only people who would be excluded are those who decide not to bother with it.

This will never happen, I know, but I enjoy a nice round of complaining now and again.

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