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10-21-2012, 07:41 AM
Well feel free to post any news, I'd love to hear it

So far I heard romulan sec. team consumable, non combat pet sec. team, passives on the old stf gear and 1 active ability at end tier. And also permission to cross dress in the other faction's old stf gear after you get around to building an embassy, assuming you are in a fleet - so much for not be depending on others to get the rewards

But any new armor, weapons or active abilities I' love to hear about.
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10-21-2012, 12:15 PM
There's also a consumable that apparently works like fleet support, except that it summons a Romulan ship. There's also now Romulan weapons that you can acquire. All we have at this point are names though. We don't have stats for the gear.

STFs have always been centered on player interaction.

I can haz joystick!
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Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
I personally hate the tech drop system enough to not bother with it....
I always hated it too, but I certainly don't want to start from scratch in order to get those sets that I been working my tail off for the past 11 months.

And on top of it, they charging us for it?

Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
STFs have always been centered on player interaction.

The Original STFs were actual player interactions, where you had time to socialize. The new ones is more of player coordination by sticking to set protocol.
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I rather like the new reputation system. I mean sure it may be a bit of a grind getting there (a tiny grind), but once you do get there the rest is quick and easy.

The old old STFs had their pros and cons.

*There were no queues, so setting up a team could be really annoying. It basically entailed going into Gamma Orionis and hoping someone was making a team or open to joining one. You could sit there for hours.

* Actually traveling to the star system gave it an added sense of weight. Though this problem does extend to other missions made queue only, like Starbase 24 which used to be a cool mission)
* It actually felt like part of STO's story. The new STF's however feel like simple grind content, not even endgame and so disjointed you wouldn't know they were ever intended as such. You would arrive in the sibirian system, fight your way through the Borg and then try to retake Starbase 82 with your team. In the Cure you would rescue the Kangs captain from Armek and his ship would assist you in fighting the Borg. That felt like story content. Half of this stuff you don't even know or care is going on in the present STFs.
* They felt like part of an epic arc. I mustn't be the only one who found the resolution to KA to be rather cool (you know, where it turned out it was you that set up the circumstances for the tutorial mission and you were the reason for all the damaged Borg ships).
* Task Force Omega actually served a purpose AND made you aware of it. For some reason this was shifted to DS9, which makes little sense.
* I actually visited gamma orionis, now the only time I go there is when doing tour the universe.

Not changed:-
People dropping and/or people who are woefully ill prepared.

If any dev is paying attention to this, please bring them back. Obviously don't replace the current STFs with them, but give us an option to do what were pretty awesome missions (maybe with a huge omega mark reward, like 150 and 3 elite omega marks). Maybe call them uber elite STFs
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