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Hi all, I just played an STF. It was actually pretty awesome, because our team was a bit weak and we had one guy who came into the STF with a ton of injuries and he left shortly into the STF. The awesome part was that everyone else stuck around, including someone who joined up after the other guy left, and we finished it after about 30 or 40 minutes. The problem is that any of those guys and myself who wanted to play the same mission again are now effectively penalized for being good team members and finishing the mission because our cool down starts from the time you finish the mission. To my mind, this is completely bad because it penalizes behavior that should actually be encouraged, ie, sticking it out in missions even if the team is not ideal and the mission will be difficult. I know the dailies timer starts from when you accept the mission, as opposed to when you actually complete it. I dont think it would be too hard to make it so the cool down starts when you start an STF mission as opposed to when you finish it. I can't think of any way that this change could be abused.

Star Trek wise, this is important too, because though people may complain about bad teams and not getting things done fast, Star Trek was not about grinding stuff as fast as possible. It was about encountering various problems and solving them through persistence, creativity etc. etc. Having people just bolt when things get difficult is very un Star Trek like and should be discouraged, in my opinion.

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