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To make it more iconic and a proposal to try to bridge the ship to more toward what it was in the movie but to balance it for mmorpg purposes I have an idea that could do that.

First thing is to instill value for the federation side into the ionized gas seeking torp that when the b'rel or possibly fleet b'rel fires torpedoes out the front that it has a red flash and doesn't decloak it for 3 seconds for a torpedo that comes with the current b'rel or possibly a fleet b'rel. To keep balance though skills and abilities that currently decloak it for 3 seconds would still do that. As far as the decloaking with red flash would only do it with a special torpedo that comes with either ship. Any other torpedo would still decloak it for 3 seconds for balance purposes with certain torpedos if shields were down for 3 seconds or be able to use it like a normal bop or with the enhanced cloak mode.

Because shields are an issue for anyone trying to use this ship and may not want to go all science on it which certain skills atm if they get nerfed or something resists high enough it destroys the whole build. So my idea for atleast one way to have some kind of balance where the b'rel has some kind of offense is having this special torpedo 100% shield penetration but a series of % procs that determine how much damage it does. Basically to guage it where its not too OP for the recieving end but for PvE and PvP reasons where it has a chance to do enough damage for a shoot and turn aspect of the ship but at the same time having different layers of damage so that its not always guaranteed to do damage that would kill on contact but enough where for example if a KDF player is doing Pi canis sorties and having that window to kill the target that it would be able to kill said target in the window allowed before they optional could fail.

I believe this way of implementing it or something similar would be close to the best way of being able to use it for what it is in theory suppossed to do but not something that would scream OP. I just find there are some ships out there like this in both factions that have a role but due to the way game mechanics work and are buffed and nerfed the way they are one scream of panic can kill the fun and makes the ships in question just collect dust.
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Since the Feds have the famous 3 (Galaxy, Intrepid & Defiant) and other Tier 4.5 (2000 C-store) ships that already have Fleet versions, I would want to see Cryptic to come out with a Fleet B'rel Refit with slighty increase hull and 1 extra tactical console slot and i would suggest to them that the Fleet B'rel Refit should have a standard Battle Cloak while players that owns a B'rel Refit should use the Enhance Battle Cloak on it.

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