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I said before... and I mean it... that you can only have sport if you have the same access to the same equipment at the same time for the same price.

This is one reason why I've said I think pre-mades or tournaments featuring specially balanced ships could rightly be labeled as eSport in a game where you have different access to different ships at wildly different prices. You can perhaps have approximate balance within 10-20%. Maybe 5% if the game had a bigger systems team and weekly balance patches.

But the only way it really makes sense to me as true, pure sport is if, say:

You introduce PvP Escort, PvP Cruiser, PvP Science. (Maybe PvP Destroyer and PvP Carrier.) These are actually balanced. There is a PvP gear vendor that sells PvP versions of gear for these ships.

You have tournaments/rated matches that only these ships can queue for. (Instances have to be setup for ships to queue for them anyway, which is why the escort carrier couldn't do STFs.) For fun's sake, maybe these ships can take on the look of any ship of their class. I'd be inclined to say to let these ships work for missions. The prize is a ship that is 5% more effective with an exotic look.

Then, every 4-6 months, introduce a new PvP tournament with a new wave of PvP ships that have stats 5% higher... and allow people to also queue using their prize ships from the previous season since they are balanced against the new ships. Effectively waiving the entry fee for the last tournament's top 10% or so of performers.

If these ships start dramatically outtuning PvE ships, it might be wise to ban them from non-PvP queued events. In fact, that might be a smart proviso from the beginning to get people used to it and also account for the fact that these ships don't "look right" for their capabilities. But, hey, let people do missions in their PvP ships!

The idea is, really, pay a flat fee on a ship purchase, get balanced PvP with great prizes. Repeat a few times a year.

Maybe investigate doing the same with ground kits once the ground kit system is more stabilized.
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10-21-2012, 02:46 PM
This is not WOW I never want to see a pvp vender if anything make a modifier that says (PVP) and make it do +5% against player.
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10-21-2012, 02:53 PM
if you put in a PvP specific only [PvP] with 5% more damage to player or anything of that nature, this game will be ruined.... Period.... Don't do it
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10-21-2012, 03:02 PM
Originally Posted by starcommando101 View Post
if you put in a PvP specific only [PvP] with 5% more damage to player or anything of that nature, this game will be ruined.... Period.... Don't do it
Uh. Huh? That isn't what I was suggesting. I was suggesting TOTAL segregation. Different ships, different gear, might as well be a different server.

I was suggested restricted gear for premades with prizes.

Nothing can be called sport that isn't the same price for the same equipment at the same time.

Otherwise, you have people in better ships or who acquired better equipment faster and that's not balance. It's also bad for PvE.

I also don't see why WoW's approach to PvP was bad. If anything, I think they didn't segregate it enough until they started having tournaments on a tournament server with different builds of the game.
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10-21-2012, 03:19 PM
Do it like Guild Wars 2. When you do PvE content youre restricted to PvE gear. When youre in PvP, youre restricted to PvP gear. It creates balance and its fair for all, with no advantage for the rich and fair for all people. Then its all about skill and not the size of your wallet that counts.

One does not become a better pvpr due to p2w consoles. One becomes a good pvpr when he/she can use the skills she is given on an equal basis like all others.
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